June 27, 2014

Five Technology Tips

Happy Friday, friends! First I just want to announce the winner of my one year blogoversary...drum roll please! The winner of the giveaway is Rachel from Oh Simple Thoughts! Rachel, if you are reading this, I just sent you an email :) And for my readers, go check Rachel's blog out! She is pretty amazing and one of my daily reads.

I don't know about y'all but I am SO glad that my weekend begins in only a few hours. This past week has been so long and stressful. For instance, I don't know what I did to my neck recently but I am in so much pain and have to go back to the Doctor to get a second MRI next week (more on this one day), my mom is recovering from recent back surgery and Will has been working literally around the clock and we haven't seen much of each other. So I am really excited about sleeping in, relaxing and spending time with Will all weekend long! The only thing we might do is go see a movie on Saturday night but we shall see what we are in the mood to do!

But enough about that, I'm also excited to share a recent collaboration I did with the Dollar Shave Club, which is a new razor subscription service that delivers grooming products right to your door! When they reached out to me, I had only heard of them from Will, but never paid much attention to what they had to offer...that is until they sent me an email that included a link to this video to watch. Let's just say it was pretty funny and got my attention right away! And I might have shared it with too many people and have watched it over five times.

Although I would love to give you the 411 on this company, I am actually going to spend time going over five technology tips for those guys in our lives that we know who are technology impaired. You would be lying if you told me that you didn't know ONE guy who has a hard time understanding all things social media, the internet, how to search things on Google, etc!

Five Technology Tips for our Technology Impaired Men

Watch tutorial videos. There are SO many good ones out there to watch and are extremely helpful even for me. Youtube has been a great source to use, and even a simple Google search will come up with something for you to check out. 

Ask questions and practice, practice, practice. You can't master everything right away so don't give up! I've known a lot of guys (I won't name names) who get frustrated so easily and give up. But oh the pain that brings me when  you do that! So many good things can come out of patience fellas! For example, let's say you do a Google search on "Top Razors". I'm sure with that search a lot of results will come back, but you get frustrated because none of them are what you are really looking for...so you think! This is were you need to practice they way you search for things. In this scenario, I would recommend you being more specific, for instance, instead of searching for "Top Razors", you could do a more specific search on "Top Electric Razors for Men". See how a change of wording can bring you results that are more specific to what you are looking for? 

Have a cheat sheet handy. I have LOT'S of cheat sheets that I use on a regular basis! What to know how to save a copy of your Pinterest boards as a PDF? Go here. Don't know how, but want to learn how to shoot in manual mode with your camera? Check this cheat sheet out. There are so many ways to learn technology and cheat sheets help with making that process easier.  

Think outside the box. Many you think there isn't anything handy you can get out of using technology or social media. But think again. Let's say you are trying to make a budget to use. Well, did you know that you can find so many different budget sheets and free program to use if only you search for them? Or maybe you are bored out of our mind and think there is nothing to do in the city that you live in...but with a simple search on the internet, you find out that your favorite band is playing at a venue near you! The options are endless when it comes to what you can do and find on the web.

Have fun with it! Using technology and exploring social media can be fun! It doesn't have to be frustrating, even when it's confusing and seems difficult to master or understand. I remember telling my dad all about Pinterest when it first came around and showed him all the neat things I had found through using it. My dad seemed interested, so we set him up an account and before I knew it, he had caught on to what I had showed him and was following people, pinning things to his boards and doing his own searches! Yes, I've had a proud daughter moment or two through this experience with him.   

And those are my technology tips for the day! I hope you enjoyed them! If you are interested in learning more about the Dollar Shave Club, you can go here to read over the frequently asked questions, or here to read up on how this Company works!

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  1. When I get a new "gadget" I am always watching videos on how to use it! Thanks for all these great tips!
    Come link up with me today!
    -Jennie @ The Diary of a Real Housewife


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