March 30, 2015

Weekend Recap

This past weekend we had a jammed packed agenda but there were lot's of fun things to look forward to. On Thursday, Will and I traveled down to Raleigh after work and arrived an hour or so before going to sleep! Driving at night sure does me sleepy! We woke up bright and early Friday morning, stopped by Biscuitville for a yummy breakfast and then made our way to Peace College to meet with the organist who will be playing at our wedding ceremony. We selected the music we wanted played during the prelude, processional, communion and recessional and then met with our wedding director. Being back in the chapel that Will and I will get married in made us both really anxious for June to get here! Next time we step on Peace College's campus we will be getting married, y'all!

After tackling this small piece of wedding to-do's, Mack and I ventured back to Charlotte just in time to get in a little relaxation in before heading to our first private dance lesson at Queen City Ballroom. When we arrived, we met with our dance instructor, Rachel who is a gem and so talented! She walked us through, step by step, everything we needed to know about QCB and explained to us how each private dance lesson would look. She asked us a bunch of questions and before we knew it, it was time to for us to start dancing! During our first lesson, we practiced doing the Rumba, Tango, Waltz, Foxtrot and a little bit of Swing. We had so much fun even though it took us a little time to get the hang of a few dance moves but to say we are excited to go back for our next lesson would be an understatement! Dancing is a skill that both Will and I really want to master and is something that we can enjoy doing together for a lifetime.

We spent the rest of our Friday relaxing after our dance lesson and Saturday was here before we knew it. We spent the majority of Saturday morning and afternoon running errands and getting caught up on things we needed to do. At dinner time, Will and I met up with Chelsea and her hubby Brandon (or "B" as I like to call him)!! You guys, this girl is now a Charlotte resident and my heart could explode with excitement. Chelsea and I have had a long distance friendship from the beginning but we don't have to experience that any longer! Chelsea and I met through blogging, will be a bridesmaid in my wedding and has played a huge role in my relationship with God. I can't wait for countless double dates together, nights sipping on wine having girl talk, and laughing until our stomachs ache.
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On Sunday, Will and I tried out a new church, and then I met up with Caitlin for a fun filled Sunday together! I got to check out her new humble abode which is amazing, then we changed clothes and walked to lunch at Crispy Crepe were we enjoyed Nutella and banana filled crepes! So yummy. Afterwards we went to the mall to and I was able to stock up on a pair of new Jack Rogers, Bobbi Brown lipstick (the rose petal creamy lip color is my favorite), and even found a fun tropical dress I can wear on the honeymoon!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I go for my first wedding dress fitting on Friday morning so if anyone has tips on what I need to do o prepare please let me know! I'm going to bring my shoes I plan to wear on the big day but what else should I bring?


  1. Had an AMAZING Sunday with you, bff!!!!!!!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend- Ryan & I are going to do dance lessons as well and can't wait to hear more about it!! xo

  3. I had no idea you could get married at Peace. It is such a beautiful campus!

  4. Dance lessons sound like so much fun! Can't wait for your big day to get here!


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