August 22, 2014

Friday Favorites

This weekend is the first weekend all month that Will and I are in Charlotte. Traveling every weekend seemed fun the first two weekends and has now become so tiring! I'm really looking forward to taking things slow over the next couple of days, doing nothing and can't wait to spend some much needed one on one time with my fiance! Ahh...fiance...I love saying that word.
On another note, lately I've been having a hard time staying focused and utilizing my time how I should. With so much going on, I need to find something to get me back on track. The Pomodoro Technique could possibly do the trick.
And have y'all seen this proposal video? It will make you pull out the tissues and smile so big it hurts. If you are a fan of love stories and gestures so thoughtful and sweet, then this one you'll be sure to enjoy.

Before I go and get ready to start the day, I just had to share this phone case that I ordered and can not wait for it to arrive! It reminds me of summer time and who doesn't love touches of gold? But my favorite aspect of the phone case are the pineapples! Did you know that pineapple's represents southern hospitality? You can learn more about the symbolism of the Pineapple here if you are interested!     
Lahaina Purple - from Sonix Cases 
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! After work I am headed to Winston-Salem for the night to visit one of my best friends Kate and I can't wait meet the sweet little girl Raleigh! She is the newest addition to the Reid clan and looks like the cutest little thing I've seen form her photos! And this will be the first time I will see their new home. Stay tuned for next week where I'll give a recap of what I did over the weekend!


  1. Omgsh I need that phone case--so cute :) Enjoy your weekend with your future hubs!!


  2. Enjoy your weekend! Sounds like you have a lot on your plate girl! I remember calling my now husband "Fiancé" and loving it. I remember the first person who called him my husband and how crazy that sounded and how wonderful the feeling in that moment was. Enjoy!

  3. So I need to have that phone case. I will barter, trade, steal, or purchase. I must have it! So cute :)

  4. Have a great weekend girl! That phone case is too cute and sometimes doing nothing is seriously the best.. love my lazy days :)


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