September 24, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, y'all! I don't know about you but I'm having to adjust quickly to this fall weather. Just last weekend it was sunny and in the high 70's, but today it's in the 50's and pretty chilly if you asked me! Since it's been awhile, I thought I would catch you up on all the fun things I've been doing. Can you take a wild guess at what i'm talking about? Yep...WEDDING PLANNING!
Last Friday Will and I drove to Raleigh where we spent the next three days running around like crazy people and marking things off our wedding checklist left and right! Our first stop on Saturday morning was Tre Bella Flowers in Durham. We met with one of the owner's Becky who was extremely helpful and really understood what type of flowers I wanted to incorporate on our wedding day. She showed us lot's of examples and shared the ideas she had in mind and answered all of our questions. We left feeling knowledgeable and ready to tackle the next thing on our list...tour The Cotton Room (our reception venue) for a second time and pick out table linens!
Will and I sat at a table and laid all of the samples out and began the process of elimination. After what seemed like forever, we were finally able to pick four linens that we loved. Let's just say I am SO excited to use the gold sequins table linens! I won't tell you how each of the linens we choose are going to be used, but here is one hint...
Glitter Tablecloths | Photo by Joielala Photographie
After touring The Cotton Room, we drove back to Raleigh and went by Peace College to check out Dinwiddie Chapel. Peace College is where I went to school and I always loved the chapel and knew that it was a place I would one day hope to get married in! Well, wish granted. Will had never seen the chapel so I was excited to show it to him! 

Before leaving Peace, I wanted to try and find my graduation brick. Luckily I had a good idea of where it was and I was able to snap a picture of it before we headed to Armadillo Grill for lunch!
After a quick but delicious lunch we headed to the Whiskey and White Bridal Suite were I met my event planner Emily Nunn! Y'all...the Bridal Suite is ahhhhmazing. From the white furniture, to the chandeliers and awesome location, I can't wait for my bridal party and I to get ready and hang out here on the big day!
And Emily Nunn is a gem! She is not only sweet but so helpful when it comes to helping me with wedding planning! I call or email her whenever I have a question and she is full of advice and always available! If you live in the Raleigh/Durham or surrounding area I highly recommend you checking her out! And below you can see a few sneak peeks of The Bridal Suite.
Next stop was The Cupcake Shoppe! We tasted a bunch of yummy cupcakes, but at the end of the day, decided to go with four different kinds. Instead of having one large cake at our wedding, we wanted to have a one or two tier cake for us to cut along with mini cupcakes for everyone to enjoy! I personally like cupcakes better and they are just easier to deal with.
We called it a day after our cupcake tasting and decided to relax for a few hours before heading to dinner with Will's two younger brothers and his Mom to celebrate Noah's birthday! Nothing beats a day full of successful appointments and time spent with family! But even though we had a great day we were tired and ready to go to sleep... 
The rest of our weekend consisted of more time spent with Will's family,going out to eat for pretty much every meal, and we even went to a hockey game! It was a pre-season game but Will, his dad and I enjoyed watching the Carolina Hurricanes play and because it wasn't a packed house it was easier to talk and hear each other.
The weekend flew by and before we made the trip back to Charlotte Monday evening, we had one more thing on our agenda to do...engagement photos! We met Callie, our photographer, at the Historic Yates Mill County Park and had a blast exploring the park, laughing and enjoying the whole experience! I was nervous that the session would be awkward and that I wouldn't feel comfortable with how I looked but Callie calmed our nerves and was so easy to work with! For those of you who have a hard time being in front of the camera let me give you one piece of your photographer! They know what they are doing! Go with the flow and have an open mind about everything. It will make the process much more enjoyable I promise.


  1. Love the linens that you chose (well the one you showed) - it's gorgeous! Love that you're doing mini cupcakes - so cute!

  2. what a fun weekend! I absolutely love those linens and cannot wait to see how you use them! I also don't think I would ever want to leave that bridal suite! It looks like things are really starting to come together!! So excited for you!!

  3. i am so glad you were able to get so much done, and everything looks just incredible!

    xo mk
    gold-hatted lover

  4. You were so close to me; wow I love this post enjoy wedding planning can't wait to see more.

  5. LOVE reading all the wedding updates! I am moving to Durham/Raleigh this weekend! Maybe we can get together on one of your next trips! Hope you have a great week love!

  6. Congrats on the upcoming wedding. The cupcakes lookes delish and your decorations look beautiful. ;)
    Mary-andering Creatively

  7. So fun! I loved wedding planning and it looks like you are enjoying it too!

  8. Wow you've been a busy little lady but yay for getting so much done!! You're so on top of it.. can't wait to see how the photos turn out (and loveeee the sequins too!).

  9. Gold sequin linens for the table?!?!? That sounds amazing!!! I love hearing about all you're getting done! :-)

  10. Love all the updates! SO exciting. And those table linens...fabulous!!

  11. What a cute site. I saw your blog on the link up party. I followed your other sites as well :) Cindy from

  12. Sometimes indoor venues works as a perfect choice for planning a wedding, if they are chosen wisely! I also organized my wedding reception at venues in DC and it was a great day.


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