September 17, 2015

Our Wedding: The Details

It's been a long standing tradition at Peace College to fill the fountain with bubbles when a big celebration is to occur. This was done when I graduated and I've seen it done when a new president joined the Peace College family. Weddings are a big celebration so it was only suitable to request bubbles in the fountain for our day and our wish was granted!

I love details. They always seem to make the ordinary things feel a little more extraordinary. So when it came to planning our wedding day, this area was really fun for me. My mom and mother-in-law are DIY-ers through and through and went out of their way to help Will and I save money in a lot of areas. For one, these two busy bees helped make the signs used at both the ceremony and reception, helped me paint all the mason jars and items used as centerpieces at the reception, and helped print and prepare all the wedding programs. On the wedding day, they also took charge in making sure everything was transported on time and was good to go. God bless them.

We were able to cut more costs by providing our own vases for all the flowers, as well as reused the altar flowers and aisle markers from the ceremony for the reception on the bridal party and cocktail tables. I mean, why waste flowers that are used at your ceremony when you can designate someone to help transport them and have them reused at the reception? Instead of leaving them behind, you can also give them away to guests or donate them and have them taken to a local nursing home.

When it comes to details, I don't want anything to go unnoticed. Most people put a lot of time and effort into wedding planning, so I knew I wanted the details to really stand out as much as possible so I took a lot of time thinking of how I could achieve that. The idea was simple. Make the details personal. Include photos and use things that people are familiar with such as baby's breath flowers which everyone in the South knows of. And don't go overboard. Find areas where you can go BIG and make a statement. We did this by using gold sequins table clothes at the reception, and went subtle on details for the rest. That way nothing felt overpowered. I think this worked in our favor.

That's all for today y'all! What did you think? Are you caught up on my other wedding posts? If not hat's okay! You can read about our preparation on the morning of our big day and see some of our formal photos here, take a peek inside our ceremony here, and experience a fun filled night at our reception here. What's your favorite part of a wedding? Is it the ceremony and the sweet vows that are spoken? Or is it everything at the reception, from the food, to the music and dancing?


  1. So many beautiful details!! Love all the chalkboards!

  2. I love all the details you added to your wedding! We are getting married in March and I am looking for little extras to add here and there!

    Did you make the chalkboards yourself? I have seen a lot on Etsy but they are so pricey

  3. Love. Love. Love. ALL the details! So beautiful and classy. I made every.single.sign. myself for our wedding and know just how long it takes, but I was so happy with how they turned out so it was all worth it! I love your signs, and those mason jars are adorable!!!

  4. I LOVE all the details, especially the signs and the candelabras- where did you get those?!?

  5. So adorable and amazing details!! Love all details especially flower d├ęcor. I would love to use these detail ideas in my wedding. I am looking for best NYC venues. Please share your ideas and locations for wedding.


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