September 14, 2015

Our Wedding: Preparation and Formals

The hours leading up to our wedding ceremony were some of the sweetest, most intimate, and memorable moments I've ever experienced with my best friends and family. And If I'm being honest with you, it's was no easy task trying to pick which photos I wanted to share. If I could though, I would post every single one of them but that would not be a wise decision since there are hundreds! However, I previously wrote about my wedding day morning and shared photos that were snapped on my phone that I'm glad were taken!

A handful of people have asked if I was nervous the hours leading up to the ceremony, what all I did the morning off and if I had any regrets with how I utilized my time. For starters, I don't recall being nervous one bit! If anything, I was excited to spend my morning with my favorite people in a gorgeous space, the Whiskey and White bridal suite. I also made sure I got a good night's sleep the night before, so I woke up energized and excited to see all the planning that had taken place months prior.

When I got to the bridal suite that morning, I made sure to have some quite time to get my thoughts together and to read my devotional before all the girls arrived. That was vital for me. I also spent as much quality time as I could talking with everyone who came to get ready with me. When I was getting my hair done, that's when I wrote out the prayer that I read to Will before our ceremony.
We are both pretty traditional, and one of the things Will really looked forward to was seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony. Instead, I did one with my dad. I'm the only child and daddy's little girl and thought it would be special and mean a lot to him. Will and I did however pray together behind a tree after I did my first look with my dad. Jesus was very present in those moments as we held hands and soaked in that time we had together. And as it turned out, the look on his face as I walked down the aisle was absolutely priceless and made me laugh so I'm glad we decided to wait.

Below are some of the beautiful formal photos that our photographer, Callie and her crew took. These are just a few of the ones that we plan on printing out and displaying throughout our home. And how dapper do all the guys look in their gray suits? I will say that all of my girls looked stunning and I loved the hairstyles they each choose to wear for the day; all unique and perfect! 
Future bride's, treating your girls to a "pampered session" on your big day is one of many ways you can thank them for all they have done for you, such as planning your bachelorette party if you had one.
Hope y'all enjoyed seeing some of our preparation and formal photos. Tomorrow I'll be sharing our ceremony with you so stay tuned!


  1. Gorgeous! I love all of this - the happiness, the love, the colors. all perfection. Congratulations!
    Trish - tales from trish

  2. Love all of these!! Everything looks perfect!!!!

  3. Getting ready with all my girls was one of my favorite parts of our wedding day! I was totally calm too, but definitely did not get a good night's sleep like you did! Your pictures are absolutely beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous pictures! I love the idea of a first look with your dad... how special!

  5. What a beautiful wedding!

  6. Absolutely stunning! So sweet you did that with your dad and prayed with Will!

  7. So beautiful- you two are one good-looking couple!! xo

  8. I completely agree, the morning of your wedding is so special and being able to soak up every moment with your friends and family! Loving all your photos! Xo, Stephanie


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