September 30, 2013

Vacation Heaven: Charleston Edition

Please excuse the photo overload that will be occurring in this post! 
There were way to many good ones that I did not want to leave out :)

Back in September, Will and I took a much needed mini vacation to Charleston, SC. A trip to Charleston was a first for the both of us so let's just say I took full advantage of getting recommendations and making plans! Not only was the weather beautiful, but we were able to do everything we wanted to and more. This city has been so wonderfully preserved that I literally felt like I was back in time in some of the areas we ventured through. 

The only thing Will would not let me do was book the hotel. He wanted to pick out a nice place for us to stay; a hotel in the heart of the city that was perfectly located so we could explore everything on foot. And when we arrived at the Historic Renaissance Hotel, I couldn't have been more impressed! He did such a great job and our stay was amazing!

I can happily report that our trip included zero stress. The whole time I was in complete awe at all the beautiful surroundings (historic churches and gardens galore), the friendly southern people, Sullivan's Island, the history and of course my favorite...the COBBLESTONE roads!

Of all the things I enjoyed most, being able to walk from place to place, hand in hand with my best friend and coming across some good ole' lowcountry style southern food and the bars topped everything! Y'all the food here is out of this world GOOD. Some of Will and I's favorite stop were  at Virginia's On King, Poogan's Porch, Toast, Blossom, High Cotton (where I ran into an old co-worker!) and The Rooftop. Of course I am leaving out a handful of other places we went to that were ahhhh-mazing but these were the ones that I could remember from the top of my head.

Will and I's brunch we got at Poogan's Porch!
Ran into an old co-worker Ellen at High Cotton!

Aside from the amazing food and bars, I have to point out that we had a few other "top picks" from our trip: shopping on King Street, strolling through The Market, wandering down Rainbow Row and relaxing in Battery Park. I would recommend making a point to visit each of these "top picks" when in Charleston without a doubt. 

All in all, this was a vacation from heaven. Something I will never forget and defiantly a place we will be visiting more in the future! And no trip is complete without our traditional stop at Cracker Barrel and an added bonus to the end of a wonderful vacation was being able to stop in Columbia, SC to see one of  my best friend's Emily!


  1. Melissa! Now that I've had a moment to breathe (and thoroughly stalk out your great pictures), just wanted to tell you again how glad I am that y'all enjoyed your trip! You hit all of our favorite spots and then some!

  2. so freaking jealous! saw this post from your guest post on travel and i am so so jealous. i want to go to Charleston, and now I want to go even more. Ps, your outfits are super cute!


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