March 30, 2015

Weekend Recap

This past weekend we had a jammed packed agenda but there were lot's of fun things to look forward to. On Thursday, Will and I traveled down to Raleigh after work and arrived an hour or so before going to sleep! Driving at night sure does me sleepy! We woke up bright and early Friday morning, stopped by Biscuitville for a yummy breakfast and then made our way to Peace College to meet with the organist who will be playing at our wedding ceremony. We selected the music we wanted played during the prelude, processional, communion and recessional and then met with our wedding director. Being back in the chapel that Will and I will get married in made us both really anxious for June to get here! Next time we step on Peace College's campus we will be getting married, y'all!

After tackling this small piece of wedding to-do's, Mack and I ventured back to Charlotte just in time to get in a little relaxation in before heading to our first private dance lesson at Queen City Ballroom. When we arrived, we met with our dance instructor, Rachel who is a gem and so talented! She walked us through, step by step, everything we needed to know about QCB and explained to us how each private dance lesson would look. She asked us a bunch of questions and before we knew it, it was time to for us to start dancing! During our first lesson, we practiced doing the Rumba, Tango, Waltz, Foxtrot and a little bit of Swing. We had so much fun even though it took us a little time to get the hang of a few dance moves but to say we are excited to go back for our next lesson would be an understatement! Dancing is a skill that both Will and I really want to master and is something that we can enjoy doing together for a lifetime.

We spent the rest of our Friday relaxing after our dance lesson and Saturday was here before we knew it. We spent the majority of Saturday morning and afternoon running errands and getting caught up on things we needed to do. At dinner time, Will and I met up with Chelsea and her hubby Brandon (or "B" as I like to call him)!! You guys, this girl is now a Charlotte resident and my heart could explode with excitement. Chelsea and I have had a long distance friendship from the beginning but we don't have to experience that any longer! Chelsea and I met through blogging, will be a bridesmaid in my wedding and has played a huge role in my relationship with God. I can't wait for countless double dates together, nights sipping on wine having girl talk, and laughing until our stomachs ache.
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On Sunday, Will and I tried out a new church, and then I met up with Caitlin for a fun filled Sunday together! I got to check out her new humble abode which is amazing, then we changed clothes and walked to lunch at Crispy Crepe were we enjoyed Nutella and banana filled crepes! So yummy. Afterwards we went to the mall to and I was able to stock up on a pair of new Jack Rogers, Bobbi Brown lipstick (the rose petal creamy lip color is my favorite), and even found a fun tropical dress I can wear on the honeymoon!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I go for my first wedding dress fitting on Friday morning so if anyone has tips on what I need to do o prepare please let me know! I'm going to bring my shoes I plan to wear on the big day but what else should I bring?

March 25, 2015

A Dog's Perspective

Meet Miller if you haven't already. He just turned four in February and his favorite thing of all time are treats! He will do anything for them, so it's been fun teaching him tricks and rewarding him with a little something special. But what dog doesn't love a good ole' treat?!

About a year or two ago, Miller started having some liver enzyme issues so we had to switch him to special prescription food and keep an eye on the ingredients in the treats we were giving him. All I can say is wow...prescription dog food ($60+ for ONE bag) can be expensive! It wasn't until just last month that we got the okay to wing Miller off of the prescription food to a regular kind, but were told to still monitor the type of treats we give him to be on the safe side.

Fast forward to two weeks ago when reached out to me about partnering with them each month and reviewing one product that I get to select for Miller to try from their monthly list. What perfect timing! For this month, I went with the Orijen Freeze-Dried Black Angus Beef treats. I've never given Miller anything freeze-dried so this bag of treats immediately caught my attention. But the best thing about it was the ingredients. 

These treats by Orijen are made from 100% meat and nothing else! They have no corn, wheat or soy, are completely grain free and zero preservatives are added. The only thing in them is Angus beef liver, boneless Black Angus beef and Black Angus tripe. As a dog owner, knowing this is relieving. Miller is like our little child and we want to keep him healthy and happy for as long as possible. And these treats help to ensure just that. It doesn't hurt that Miller really enjoys the taste of these treats! But because he loves them so much, we make sure to only give him one or two a day.

If you are a dog or cat owner, and are in the market for pet products, I highly recommend checking out! Instead of going to your local pet store, check out Chewy first. You can find the same products that you would in-store but for cheaper. Take these Greenies Pill Pockets that are normally $8.99 at PetSmart that you can get from Chewy for $5.59! Who doesn't love saving money these days? I know Will and I do and will defiantly be ordering some of these toys for Miller when he destroys his current one.

I received these treats from for this review. However, all opinions are my own!

March 23, 2015

Weekend Shenanigans

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This past weekend was so much fun and I hate that it went by so fast! On Friday, we celebrated Will's birthday by trying out a Indian restaurant called Copper. It was my first time trying Indian food, and although it was different, it was enjoyable and something I would try again.

For me, birthdays are one of those holidays that I always try to go above and beyond celebrating. Since we are getting married in June, I wanted to do something a little more spontaneous and fun for Will, so I surprised him by getting him a NASCAR racing experience! I ordered the five minute track experience but there are other options and packages to choose from.
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I had no idea what he would think, but giving a him the opportunity to drive a real race car, by himself with no instructor in the car, was something I think he really enjoyed! If you follow me on Instragram (mmackvick) you might have even seen the video I posted of Will post-drive. Let's just say his reaction is adorable :)
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When we arrived to the track that morning, you could tell Will was excited and a little nervous, so he decided spur of the moment that he wanted to add to the package and do the 'Ride Along' experience (which is three laps with a professional driver) before he actually got behind the wheel. I think this ended up working out for the best because he got to experience the track before trying to navigate it himself and even got to see what it was like to go around 180 mph!
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Will's mom Mary Lou met us out at Charlotte Motor Speedway and saw how much fun everyone was having that she decided she wanted to try out the 'Ride Along' experience.
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Right before we left, they handed out little certificate's that show your highest speed. Will topped out at 157.44!! The highest speed you can go on a solo drive is 160. Pretty impressive for a first timer.
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After spending our morning at CMS, Mary Lou, Will and I went and had lunch at Cantina 1511. The weather was good, the food was great, but the company was better. After lunch we headed back to our house and relaxed for a few hours until we left for dinner. 

The rest of our weekend was pretty low key and just what we needed. I think Will had a great birthday weekend and we had a lot of fun spending time with his Mom. This week will be busy but I'm looking forward to Friday when we will be in Raleigh to meet with the organist who will play at our wedding ceremony!

March 13, 2015

5 on Friday

I hope everyone had a good week! Will and I are heading to Wrightsville Beach this afternoon for my future sister-in-law's wedding! It's supposed to be raining off and on all weekend, so fingers are crossed that the the weather holds up just long enough for Ariel and Mark to say I do.

Today's post is going to be short and sweet, and I'm excited to get back into participating in the 5 on Friday series!


Glitter Guide came out with an article a few months ago called 30 Days of Gratitude. Gratitude is something that is widely focused on mainly around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it's something that I feel we all tend to lack and appreciate as often as we should. This list has some pretty creative ways to show others gratitude. Remember, it's the little things that often mean the most to people! And hey, you might even surprise yourself with the number of things you've already done that show up on the list.


Fact...i'm a huge fan of Glitter Guide. And did you know they're on Pinterest?! GG has seriously been killin' it with their pins lately. If you only have time to scroll through a few of their boards, I highly recommend checking out wanderlust, design desire, we like shiny parties, and color love. You won't regret it I promise.
(Does this pretty lady look familiar? Duh! It's Julia from Gal Meets Glam!)


My bachelorette party is finally booked! In May, me and my girls will be heading down to Isle of Palms for a fun filled weekend together and I can't wait!


Have you ever heard of Bloggish? Well if not let me be the first to tell you about it! Bloggish is a brand spankin' new site were you can find new and encouraging blogs all in one place. How convenient is that? Go ahead and search through the lifestyle, faith, and health and beauty categories and discover blogs you may have never known about but will thoroughly enjoy! may even see me in their lifestyle category :) Oh! Be sure to check back on this site regularly as they continue to add new blogs to the ever growing list.


92 days until I become Mrs. Mackvick!! Ekk!! Will and I have recently been successful at checking off a number of items on our wedding to-do checklist list such as reserve blocks of hotel rooms for our guest in Raleigh and Durham, arrange for bridal party transportation from ceremony site to reception, arrange for our farewell transportation, purchase bridal party gifts, create a music playlist for the reception, confirm rehearsal dinner location and time, and order groomsmen ties! There is still plenty for us to do but for now i'm feeling pretty content with were we stand.

March 11, 2015

Divine Applause Book Review,204,203,200_.jpg
Recently I finished reading a book called Divine Applause by Jeff Anderson. It was a good book and helped me understand my relationship with God better. I know a lot of bloggers don't like to get personal on their blogs, or open up about their faith with others, which I totally understand. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it either! But for me, talking and sharing my own experiences has deepened my relationship with God and has helped me see myself in a different light so to speak. And taking a break from my "fun reading" to read something that requires reflection is one of my personal goals.

When I first read what the book was about, I was instantly captivated by what would be inside. It seemed to answer a lot of the personal struggles I've been facing and I enjoy hearing personal stories of other Christians who have been facing what I'm also going through. I also liked how the book was broken down into three parts; seeing differently, bold steps, and walking upward. Reading through the book in parts, and then taking time to reflect on each part was extremely helpful for me! It caused me to slow down and really take in all the information that I had read. One thing I do wish Jeff had done more of though was reference scripture a little bit more in this book. But overall, no other complaints!

The main thing I got from this book that I feel is so important to remember is that going to God in prayer doesn't always means you'll get a message in return or hear his voice. And reading the Bible doesn't always mean you'll understand what the point of the passage is. However, over time, you will be able to start pinpointing when God is talking to you and will know His ways more clearly.

If you are looking for a Christian book, that contains personal stories and is a light read, then this book is one I would recommend checking out.

I received this book to review from Blogging for Books. However, all opinions are my own.

March 9, 2015

Dining Room Inspiration

Fact: I have a love affair with all things french country and shabby chic, especially when it comes to kitchens and dining rooms. There's something about these styles and a weathered look that makes everything feel cozy and extremely inviting. Had you asked me ten years ago how I envisioned one of these types of rooms, I would have told you that I thought they would be filled with dark furniture, everything was old and people who lived away from the city and in the country were the only ones to have these types of rooms in their house. But that is so not the case! 

Over the past couple of years, I've come across hundreds of shabby chic kitchens and french country inspired dining rooms (like the ones shown below...thanks Pinterest) that are picture perfect and will have you wanting to re-decorate in no time at all. Since February, when Will and I moved, I've been having that urge and have been dreaming up the type of dining room I want for our first married home.
Orb chandelier / farmhouse table

(one) (two

For me, it's always been important that there be some sort of color scheme in mind and that the room doesn't feel"dull". Having a mix of light and dark colored furniture can either be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on how you dress it up. Right now, Will and I have a small brown wooden table that has been great, but is something we've outgrown, especially since we want to start having more friends and family over and hosting dinners!

Later this week I'll be sharing some photos of our current dining room. I love the space but feel it's time for a facelift...that's were some new furniture pieces come into play and the first photo is a combination of pieces that showcase a bunch of inspiration of what I have in mind. Will and I both would love to find an affordable farmhouse table and to brighten the room I would love to find either white chairs or chairs in a pretty pastel color. But when it come's to finding decor and other pieces to bring my look together, I need your help and suggestions.

Where can I look for french country and shabby chic pieces? What color schemes do you think would look best? Any recommendations of certain items that are a must to have?

Hope y'all have a wonderful Monday! I'm having some girls over tonight to watch The Bachelor finale so that's what I'll be thinking about to get me through this workday!

March 3, 2015

What I've Been Up To

After taking any amount of time away from blogging, it can often be hard to figure out where to pick back up. In February alone, Will and I moved to a townhouse in my favorite area of Charlotte, Dilworth. Once we unpack the last of our boxes, I'll do a blog post so you can see the place I get to call home! But if you follow me on Instagram (@mmackvick) I just posted a sneak peek of our kitchen! Over the month, I've also marked a LOT of items off the wedding to-do list, finished reading Divine Applause which I'll do a book review on next week and joined the Y and plan to start attending classes a few times a week.

But seriously y'all, time has flown by at a rapid pace and I can't believe it's already March! There have been days when I wish I had made more time to sit down to blog, but I'm glad that I was able to see that there were other things that I needed to point my focus towards. But I can't go back and can only go forward and thought that the best way to get back into the groove of things is to reintroduce myself. Sure you can visit my about page and learn the basics and some things I share you may already know, but hopefully you'll learn something new about me through this post.

  1. I have naturally curly and sometimes unruly hair that's impossible to grow out to the length I want.
  2. My personality type is an ESFJ which I found out in college and feel is 100% accurate.
  3. I really don't like my handwriting and have printed out practice sheets in the past in hopes to improve it...but I'm still not satisfied with the way it looks.
  4. One of my favorite movies is Breakfast at Tiffany's, so it's no surprise that one book I could read over and over again is Sundays at Tiffany's by James Patterson.
  5. I've always enjoyed being able to travel, but it wasn't until I studied abroad in Greece my sophomore year of college that I truly fell head over heels in love with it. Will and I literally have a multiple page list of all the places we want to go in the coming years and I may or may not have additional lists of all of the must go-to spots that I want to check out for each.
  6. I watch as much Good Morning America as I can before work every single day.
  7. I eat breakfast 7 days a week and don't think I would be able to function if I skipped it. I've tried. #fail
  8. I love to scrapbook and collect photographs...there's something about being able to walk down memory lane and "relive" special moments in one's life that's captivating .
  9. Giving gifts and surprising others is something I enjoy doing as much as I possibly can, but don't personally do well when the surprise is for me.
  10. Currently Will and I have one furbaby named Miller who just turned 4 and in the next few years would like to welcome another pup into our home...most likely a Golden Retriever puppy we name Stella or Charlotte.
  11. I have a huge sweet tooth and am guilty of sometimes eating dessert before my actual meal.
  12. In third grade I went to a private school and was the only girl (besides my teacher) in a classroom of six or seven boys.
  13. I love candles and have multiple in each room of my house that I light on a daily basis.
  14. I feel that having just one bookshelf in your house in not acceptable.
  15. I color coordinate the clothes and shoes in my clothes and would have to say that my favorite color is gold.
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