March 25, 2014

Georgia's Finest

You might remember a few weeks back when I told you that plans have changed and Will and I had to put a hold on going to NYC...*insert thumbs down*. Due to flight costs around Easter and work schedules, we knew that it just wouldn't work out (right now). After some talking, we decided to narrow down a new location that was within a) within driving distance and b) was somewhere neither of us had been to with each other. So with a few hours of research and a growing list of cities to consider, it dawned on me...Will had never been to SAVANNAH, and I hadn't been since I was in Girl Scouts! At that moment, I knew hands down this was where we had to go...and the decision was as easy as that!
Savannah, GA is one of the most stunning, charming and historically quaint cities I have ever visited and I can't wait to go back! There was a statement underneath the photo that you see above that I couldn't agree more with that said "Maybe it's the Spanish moss or the mint juleps, but something about this Georgia city makes us want to put on a sweeping gown and vintage ring and revel in the dark, creepy romanticness of it all". Seriously, could that not be any truer?

So y'all...I need your help! Throw me some recommendations of things to do, stores to shop, restaurants to eat at, landmarks we can't miss, you name it, I want to know about it! Being the planner that I am, I do have a small list created but nothing set in stone. We will be there for a few days and want are time in Savannah to be filled with lot's of fun and adventures!
But we do have TWO things already planned that I can't WAIT for! The first is a day spent with one of my favorite bloggers Emily of BowsandDepos and her beau!!'s okay to be jealous, ha! The second, is the place we are staying at. I had heard of a few friends who used airbnb and read some really great reviews so I decided to check it out and see if anything caught my eye. Remember in the movie The Holiday when the two women switched homes for a period of time? Yeah, the website that they used was airbnb! And sure enough, I found the perfect place! It's called the Diamond Oaks Treehouse and looks quaint and right up my alley. And the cost per night couldn't be better.

March 24, 2014

Snow Day Wedding!

QUICK NOTE: I will be traveling for work until Thursday and won't be around the blog until the end of the week but wanted to remind everyone to make sure they have entered the Lilly giveaway that ends very soon! Crossing my fingers for the blogger who wins :)

Have you ever been to a wedding that was too pretty to put into words? 
That's exactly how the Snow's wedding turned out to be. 
The decor was rustic, romantic and springy all in one. 
The outside ceremony featuring a cross decorated with fresh blooms = perfection. 
And the weather couldn't have been better; sunshine with a slight breeze to keep us all cool.
This past weekend, Will and I packed our bags and headed to Raleigh, NC (where we used to live and call "home") to celebrate Kristen and John on their wedding day! Our trip started off wonderful, when I checked the mail before we pulled out and received a surprise postcard from my sweet blog friend Mary-Katherine from when she and her hubby where in Italy! Ciao Bella!
On our way into Raleigh, we picked up Will's brothers Noah and Cody and then met up with Will's Dad and Stepmother Cindy for lunch at Chilli's! It was such a treat getting to spend some time with them and catching up with one another. Always a blast getting to see them and I think Miller was more excited to get to spend the night with them and hangout with all of his fur-buddies ;) 
After lunch, we made our way into Raleigh and had about an hour to relax and stretch our legs before heading downtown to the wedding that took place at the Merrimon-Wynne House. I don't know how I had never heard of this precious place because it was literally within walking distance to where I went to college! Take a look at their online gallery to see it's beauty and charm. Oh, and how adorable is one of the little greeters with his top hat?! I couldn't stop looking at him he was just to stinkin' cute!
Before we knew it, the ceremony was starting and water started to fill my eyes. 
Yes...I am one of those individuals who can't keep a dry eye at a wedding. EVER. 
Something about the music, seeing the groom waiting for his bride, and then watching the bride being walked down the isle get me every single time!!
After "the kiss" and prayer for dinner we were all dismissed and able to go explore the grounds. 
Like I said before, too pretty to put into words. 
The flowers, candles, gold foil prints and layout of everything was just perfect
There were even mason jars used to hold flowers which was right up my alley!
No time was wasted, and the party got started right away! 
If you know Kristen and John at all, you know what I mean when I say they are truly the life of the party. I can't tell you how much laughing occurred that night because of them. 
Thinking back to their first "entrance", John's break dance and the choreographed garter and flower toss make me smile. Gosh I wish I had captured all of those moments! 
The night continued with a whole lot of dancing (insert fun music), picture taking, and hanging out with old and new friends. Overall, the weekend was a blast and one that I will always remember!

March 21, 2014

5 LOVES for Friday

Do you love Lilly Pulitzer? What about free stuff? Did you catch this blog post? If you said yes to any of those then I hope you have already entered to win this Lilly Pulitzer Prize Package (with over $150 worth of goodies included)! If not, what are you waiting for? If I were you, I would make my way on over to enter while there is still time...  
The boyfriend celebrated a birthday yesterday and received lot's of hugs, kisses, birthday wishes, presents and a homemade meal from muwah because I mean, he's special and deserved it all. And what's a birthday without at least ONE gag gift?! Sometimes it's those easy and cheap ones that end up being the best ;) Ha! But on a more serious note...Will truly is so deserving of having a day dedicated just to HIM. He is my best friend, and has put up with me since 2010 and I couldn't imagine what my life would be like if he wasn't a part of it. And plus, loving him is so much fun and we truly do bring out the best in each other! 

Oh, hey Will (since I know your reading this blog post)...remember the first iMovie I created for us on the 4th of July? Yeah, well the lyrics are true..."Darling I need you like ships need the sea". You can watch the video again here if you want :)

Oh my stars, I am head over heels in l-o-v-e with this print that Lauren Martin designed for me. The girl has major talent and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants something created! I can't wait to get this gem up on my wall. But first I need to find the perfect frame to put her in...
I love Spring and I am so happy that it is officially here! I have been waiting months weeks to pull out my favorite shorts, pastel colored tops and sandals so you better believe that I am thrilled that I finally can...well almost! But on the topic of Spring, I came across a 'Spring To-Do List' in The Glitter Guide the other day and just had to share. I've already done a handful of things on the list but I can't wait to add planning a picnic with girlfriends and reading outside with a glass of wine after a long day to mine! Is there anything that you would add to your list? 
Since I've mentioned a few things I love, how about I tell you of another? WEDDINGS! Don't most people love them? There's just something about them that is almost magical and always bring tears to my eyes! So I better prepare myself because this weekend Will and I are off to Raleigh to celebrate these two love birds!I can't wait to celebrate another couple that God has brought together and will be sure to posts a bunch of pictures next week! 

March 20, 2014

Kendra's Fashion Challenge: Epcot Edition

Planning a vacation (near or far) can be a daunting task. Having to make sure your packed everything can really bring on the stress, especially if your like me and always feel like you are forgetting something. But one thing that never gets in the way of the fun in planning is figuring out all the outfits I plan to wear. So when Kendra Thornton reached out to be to participate in the "Kendra's Fashion Challenge", I jumped on the opportunity right away! I mean...who wouldn't want to play "virtual stylist" for the day?!

Who is Kendra Thornton and what is this challenge all about? Let me give you the 411. Kendra (the blonde in the photo below) is a well known travel expert who regularly appears on ABC, NBC and the CW and has made guest appearances on TV shows such as The Tyra Banks Show and The Nate Show offering travel tips and special deals.

The challenge is focused around her upcoming trip this spring with her hubby and three children to Epcot; Disney's Theme Park in Florida. The task is to put together a wardrobe that will complement Kendra's travel plans, while still allowing her to be fashionable yet functional with a unique twist! My aim is to create a day and evening look that screams Florida "chic". While brainstorming outfit ideas, I did have one goal in mind; to create a look that was both comfortable and put together. The whole point is to have an effortlessly styled look while always being camera ready right? ;)

But before I dive into the looks, I wanted to mention Gogobot, a site that Kendra told me she used to read reviews for planning her trip. I even checked it out and it's quite an impressive site. You should check it out after you finish reading this post!


One thing Kendra told me was that she and her family would be enjoying a few holes of golf and going to the Circle of Life: Nature Needs Our Help show, and with that information I knew that I wanted to base her look around a wildlife theme. Anyone who has been to Florida knows that the sun sure does know how to shine so the first thing I wanted to do was make sure Kendra has the basics: a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. This safari hat is stylish and the perfect size for all day wear, and the Ray-Ban aviators are a classic and timeless piece. The sunscreen comes in a spray and can be conveniently stored away in this adorable oversize tote.

Now that we have our "must haves", it's time to talk about clothing. For Kendra, I decided to keep things simple. In my opinion, a girl can never go wrong with cuffed jean shorts, a cozy white top, paired with flats (animal print duh!) or little booties. It's so easy to put this look together and allows room for you to have fun when selecting your accessories. And just to be safe, I threw in a jacket and infinity scarf in case it gets windy in the afternoon.

Onto the accessories and finishing touches! This is were I tried to pull together the wildlife theme. I mean really...look at how fab that little safari animal bangle, elephant necklace and Lion King ring are! Don't they just scream HAKUNA MATATA?! And because Kendra and her family have places to go and things to see, I couldn't forget to add a watch so she can keep track of the time!
Epot by Day


After a busy and exhausting day, I feel Kendra and her husband deserve some quality time together away from the kids. This calls for a cocktail (or two) date night. For Kendra's evening look, I wanted to come up with something that yelled "Glitz and Glam" and this look does just that. From the sequin embellished top, white jeans, T-strap heels and pretty in pink baubles, Mr. Thornton will be far from complaining. In terms of hair and makeup, I thought that a light perfume, a bright pink lip and a more natural eye color would be most ideal to seal the look. Do you agree?
Cocktails at Night


That's all friends! What did you think of all that I put together? Do you feel that I accomplished the looks I was going for? And a huge thanks to Kendra for giving me the opportunity to participate! I had so much fun being your virtual stylist" for the day!!
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