October 5, 2015

Simply Sweet Melissa Brand Launch & Re-design

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend! It's been non-stop rain, humidity and all things yuck here in Charlotte so I didn't get to spend much time outdoors, but was able to take full advantage of relaxing at home with Will which was really enjoyable. I'm so ready for the sun to shine again though so I can get back to my daily walks around the neighborhood with Miller!
In other news, I'm really excited your here because Rachel of Oh Simply Joys helped re-design and re-brand Simply Sweet Melissa and the final pieces came together just last week! To say I love how everything turned out would be an understatement. I'm thrilled with every little detail and touch that Rachel incorporated into the design and what I was looking for, which I would describe as Sex in the City meets Steel Magnolias. In other words, something sweet and feminine with a touch of professionalism and sass!
From the fonts, to the colors used, all the way down to Rachel showcasing my love for the South through the pineapple which is a symbol for hospitality, I feel that SSM finally feels more "me". It's hard to describe, but I hope that makes sense. You can read all about the process, the inspiration I had, and much more by checking out Rachel's recent blog post here.
And I can't go without mentioning that Rachel has one of the sweetest souls, is a great friend and has been gifted with such an amazing talent and is blessed in all areas of design! I highly recommend her services if you are a blogger or business owner and want your blog or website perfected into something utterly beautiful. And I mean that. If your hesitant, just check out her portfolio and you'll see what I mean!
In the meantime, take a look around let me know what you think of everything! I even updated my 'About' and 'Bucket List' pages and added categories found in the sidebar so don't forget to take a peek at those as well. Enjoy!


  1. The rebrand looks so good! Love the new design!

    Southern Style

  2. Your new design is stunning!! Love the colors.

  3. Gorgeous rebrand!! The blog looks wonderful!

  4. Love it!!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  5. Mel I LOVE the new design, it is so perfect!!!

    Phone date soon, I will text you later!

    xo Mary-Katherine | Gold-Hatted Lover

  6. you are the sweetest ever! thanks for the kind words and being such a joy to work with! :) much love!!!

  7. Loving the new design! Great color palette!

  8. Girl... the site design looks AMAZING!!!! Love it and it's totally you... I may be checking out her services :)

  9. this site is gorgeous! Rachel did a great joy and love style you chose!

  10. Love the new design! It turned out so great :)

  11. Love this rebrand! Especially the calligraphy script elements!

  12. Beautiful!! Your inspiration is so much fun, and the result is lovely!

    1. Thanks so much sweet girl! I'm over the moon excited with all the new details and how everything turned out :-)


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