April 14, 2014

Oh the places you'll go (Guest Post)

Hey everyone, I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are feeling refreshed! My Monday is off to a good start for a number of reasons. Taking over my sweet blog friend Katie's blog today is one of them! Katie, of Sweet Pea's blog asked me to do a guest post while she is on Spring Break in POLAND! How cool is that?! I may be a tad jealous and cant imagine how beautiful it must be there... So Katie, I really hope you take a ton of photos that you'll be able to share with us all when you return ;)

In honor of Katie's trip, I thought I would write a post on all things travel! Seems pretty fitting right? Well one fun fact about me is I LOVE to travel. Period. I'll always say YES to a weekend road trip and you can count me in on any semi-unplanned adventure. It's all so exciting to me. Life is an adventure after all...so why not get out an explore all that God has created? Why don't you hop on over to Katie's page to get some insight on my past travels?!

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