April 17, 2014

Savannah Here I Come!

As you're reading this, I'm probably zipping up my weekend bag and getting ready to get on the road for Will and I's Easter getaway in SAVANNAH!! Ahhh, let me tell you...it feels so good to finally be on vacation, even if it's a short one! I can't wait to check out all the places that y'all recommended and will be sure to come back with lot's of photos to show, stories to share and much more. I'll document on Instagram (@mscheek)  while i'm gone don't you worry ;) 

Oh and don't go thinking that I plan to leave you here all alone while i'm gone. One very sweet bloggy friend of mine Katie so graciously said she would take care of my blog for me today, and I know it's (and you guys) are in good hands! K is one of the loveliest and sweetest girls I've met through blogging and I am so excited for here to share her heart with you all! I highly recommend going to check out her blog once  you are done reading this post so you can get to know her better!
Hello Simply Sweet Melissa readers! It is such a joy to be taking over today! I have loved getting to know precious Melissa; we have a very similar blog style so it was such a joy to get connected and become blog friends! And of course I was beyond pumped when she asked me to write a guest post! My name is Rachel and I blog over at Oh Simple Thoughts. I don't know about you, but as a blogger there always seems to be so much pressure on me to stay inspired. I am always searching for ideas for my next "big post"...and it seems never ending sometimes. For me, the pressure of it all often leaves me so far from feeling inspired. So today I wanted to share with you some methods I turn to when I am running low on inspiration.
1. GET FRESH AIR - I find that if I just go for a walk, step outside on our porch, or even just open a window in our apartment, I immediately find myself feeling refreshed. When I am refreshed and feel the sunshine on my skin, I've found that my creative juices quickly begin to replenish themselves. So go for a run, roll down your windows, do whatever makes you happy, but get some fresh air...there is just nothing quite like it!
2. GO CAMPING - I find that being outside for a weekend, or even just 24 hours can do wonders for my entire soul. When my husband and I spend time out in the woods, I find myself in awe of the Lord, and eager to write out the overflow of my joy and wonder of all He has made. So step away for a weekend if you find yourself burnt out. Retreat from the world and rest and recharge. Look at the flowers, mountains, rivers, trees...and just be amazed, inspired by all the Lord has made.
3. READ, READ, READ - Grab a book, and lose yourself in another world. This is such an easy way for me to trigger inspiration. I love to read, and so combine this with numbers 1 and 2 and I can almost guarantee you that I will be inspired and rested. I truly believe that reading is therapy for the mind and the soul. Whether you are reading a biography, or something like the Harry Potter series, reading makes the world just stand still. It brings me pure and simple joy.
4. DRESS UP - I am not going to ever tell anyone to go drop tons of money to help your mood...I do not believe that is wise. BUT, I do think that dressing in clothes that make you feel beautiful and comfortable will lead to inspiration! Throw on a pretty dress, pop on some lipstick and see how quickly your mood will go from sad to elated. Getting dressed every day opposed to sitting around in workout clothes or sweats, ALWAYS does wonders for my creative ability. So dress to inspire yourself!
5. GO TO A WEDDING - Okay maybe you think this one sounds silly...but think about it, no one leaves a wedding without being filled with joy, love, and inspiration. For those who are believers of Jesus Christ, you can go to weddings and be reminded of our love relationship with our Heavenly Bridegroom. We are able to see two people commit themselves to each other, and this just does something to our hearts. Go to a wedding, and I promise you will be filled with inspiration. 

So next time you find yourself totally resenting the need to write a blog post, or just lacking inspiration in all areas of life...start with number one. Slow down, and seek out inspiration. I hope you find these methods and suggestions as helpful as they have been for me! A big thanks again to Melissa for allowing me to guest post over here today. So thankful for you Melissa!

What inspires you the most?

Much Love, 



  1. Have the best time in Savannah! I'm hoping the weather cooperates and y'all can enjoy every bit of the city!

    Caitlin C

  2. Two loves of mine in 1 post! I love it!!!! Have fun in Savannah, Melissa! And Rachel....you da best. Loved your inspiration this morning!!! xx

  3. have a fabulous time in Savannah - so jealous! this is a fantastic list as well :)

  4. Seriously, love you both so much! I am so glad you two teamed up for this post because I often wonder how to be inspired for that next post as well. Nothing is better than a long, scenic walk just marveling the creations from our Father :)

  5. Love this post and how am I not following Rachel?! That wedding picture is making me SWOON! Heading over to catch up on some reading now :) Xx.

  6. Aw I loved this post, that last is great! Have a wonderful time in Savannah, you lucky girl!

  7. Thanks sweet Mel for letting me tack over today! Hope you are having a smashing time in my home state! Cannot wait to hear all about your mini vacay!

  8. So sweet. I just wish I could sit and talk to you all day Miss Rach. Love your heart. :)

  9. I'm so happy for you that you get to go on a little trip! Let us all know how it goes :)


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