December 13, 2013

5 on Friday

It's F-R-I-D-A-Y, y'all! I hope you are able to set aside some time this weekend to catch up on blogging, go Christmas shopping, sleep in, get warm by a fire, watch holiday movies, cuddle, bake cookies, hang out with friends and family and sip on some hot chocolate :) To me, all of that sounds pretty ideal! But whatever you do, I hope it makes your heart happy as this is by far the best season to CELEBRATE and be CONTENT with all that you have! So without further ado, let's get to my 5 on Friday!

Last night I attended the 2013 Blackarch Christmas Party (where Will works) that was held at one of the MD's homes and boy was it a fun filled night! Some of the highlights included the stocked bar, delicious food (a biscuit bar, shrimp and crab legs and potato leek soup being my favorite and also pictured below) and the oh so hilarious Christmas video made by all of the Analyst and Associates! I wish I had gotten photos while there, but we were having to much fun to even think about stopping to take a picture...I'll defiantly get a few next year though!
Tomorrow, I will be heading to Lake Norman (about 30 minutes from Charlotte) for my LifeGroup's girls weekend! I can't wait to spend a full 24 hours with these girls that bring so much joy to my life. I can also say with 100% confidence that I believe every single person should have a group of Christian friends that you can lean on and trust with your emotions, feelings and thoughts. Praise God for giving me a group of 13 gals that I get to see every week!
Three new books on three of my favorite things (Jesus, Photography and Blogging) arrived on my doorstep earlier this week. As soon as I saw the box at my door, I immediately got it and ran back inside and tore it open so that I could get to reading them ASAP. So far, I have been reading a few pages each night of Blog Inc. which is filled with lot's of valuable information and a handful of tips and tricks that have already been a huge help. I think every blogger should go ahead and put in your order for this book or add it to your "wishlist" because it's THAT good! Later on in January 2014, I plan to do a book review post on my thoughts on some of the books I have recently been reading and plan to read :) Hope it's a post that will be enjoyed by many!  
Yesterday I received an email from Tiny Prints regarding a potential opportunity with them and I couldn't have been more giddy when I received an email y'all! We plan on chatting and brainstorming up a few ideas, so be on the lookout for more details next week :) To say I am excited, is a complete understatement. I am THRILLED!! ECSTATIC!!

This will be the first year that I don't wake up at my parent's house on Christmas morning. Even though Will and I have been dating for going on four years, this whole splitting the holidays thing is new to me. It's exciting, but also makes me kind of sad. Not because I don't look forward to a change of things this Christmas...but because it's requiring me to change how I've spent Christmas for the past 24 years of my life. But that's part of being in a serious relationship. You have to give and take. You have to compromise and make things work. And that's exactly what Will and I are doing! Thanksgiving is a holiday that my parents really enjoy going all out for, so we spent Thanksgiving with my family this year. Will's Dad's family goes all out and has a small get together on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, so we decided that this year we will spend those days with them. It's a win-win really. We get to see everyone, spend time with those we love, and I couldn't be more excited! I just have to remind myself as the days get closer that CHANGE IS GOOD...
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  1. This is my first married Christmas and the first time I won't be spending Christmas eve/Day with my family either. I'm excited to spend it with my husbands family but I will definitely miss mine so I know what you're going through! Also, I loved your No Reply Blogger post so much that I made it one of my "five on Friday"! Have a great girls weekend! :)

  2. Yay love this post!! We have so much to be thankful for and to celebrate, like you said! I hope you have a BLAST this weekend with your Life Group - I'm so happy that you have them.. and I am so happy to have YOUUU in my life as a constant source of encouragement. We are definitely seeing each other before Christmas!!

  3. Thanks for the book recommendations, I definitely want to check them out!! Happy Friday :)

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  5. I can completely relate to the new holiday feelings. It's hard not being with my family on Christmas, but new traditions can be great! Have a good weekend. xo

  6. HI, friend! First off, I'm totally with you on the statement that everyone needs to have a group of Christian Woman. I don't know what I would do without my friends to encourage and point me to Christ. Second of all, I completely understand the weird feeling of not spending a holiday with your family. This year was the first year I didn't spend Thanksgiving with my family, and it was really weird and kinda sad. Unfortunately it's something that comes with the territory of being in a serious relationship. I had to come to terms with that change, as well.

  7. The Christmas party sounds like it was SO much fun!! I also agree with you about Life Group--my LG girls are THE BEST!!


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