December 18, 2013

BaubleBar Wishlist

Confession. I have a slight obsession with BaubleBar but have never made a purchase (yet). It's not because of the prices, because those are in fact spot on. It's not because of the selection either. I think it's because I wasn't sure how often I would wear those ever so eye catching statement necklaces and questioned if the quality was "up to par". But after seeing so many of my friends sporting those dazzling bracelets and precious necklaces, I think it's about time that I cave in to this fashion crave!

One of the other things that I absolutely love about BaubleBar is that you can "Get the DOWNLOAD" of how others style and wear their recent purchases! To me, that's a bonus. Who doesn't appreciate being able to see how something really looks when it's actually on you?! So without further ado, these are just a few gems that are on my 2014 Wishlist.
Bow Link Bracelet in Gold worn by shopper Ingrid Nilsen 
Pearl Dahlia Strand Necklace modeled by Morgan
Mini Pave Links arm candy sported in Gold by Courtney Chan
Adorable Pave Grace Hoop Earrings sported by Alexis

So what are some of your fave items from BaubleBar? What other websites would you recommend for statement jewelry? This gal (aka ME) is all ears and ready for any and all recommendations and opinions!


  1. LOL I am the same way! I LOVE BaubleBar but haven't actually purchased anything, even though the prices are reasonable! I love that pretty bow bracelet! I love the earrings they have. So sophisticated! PS love your header - it's so pretty! Happy Holidays xo

  2. I've somewhat recently discovered Baublebar and I'm LOVING it. I only have one necklace from them but I'm hoping to buy a few more pieces after the holidays. I really like their midi rings (which they've been sold out of recently).

  3. I love Baublebar too, and still haven't bought anything! I think I am just too indecisive! I can't decide what I want because I want everything.

  4. These are gorgeous! I've never bought anything from Bauble Bar but I hope to sometime this year. So may great options!


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