June 18, 2014

What You Wish Wednesday: BarkBox Edition


I wish more people knew about BarkBox because it's been a lifesaver to Will and I. I had heard of BarkBox prior to my subscription, and recently explored their website and learned more about what they had to offer. Obviously BB has been a huge hit with Miller these first few rounds and I'm excited to share my knowledge of the company as a whole.

The best way for me to describe BarkBox is to first say it reminds me a lot of BirchBox but for dogs. I like to also tell people it's like a magazine subscription in which you can expect to have something show up in the mail once every month for as long as you would like them to arrive! Each box comes with four or more goodies, usually toys and treats, that have been picked out based on your dog's size (small, medium, large).  

One of the main reasons why I subscribed to BB was because 99% of the treats that are included are organic and pure in ingredient which has been ideal for Miller currently as we try to figure out why his liver enzymes are elevated. Another reason I subscribed was because of the reasonable prices that range from $18/month per box for a one year subscriptions to $29/month per box for one month. Talk about a steal!

Besides my love for low prices, surprise mail and healthy choices, giving back is equally important. BarkBox gives a portion of their proceeds towards helping doggies-in-need! You can learn more about this by checking out the following page.

All in all, Miller is one happy pup when his box arrives! We love BarkBox and all it has to offer for our furry friends :) Check them out and let me know what you and your pet think!


  1. Oh Mel...I did not need to know about this box...hahah Piper would LOVE this! What a fun concept! Are there toys in every box? What is normally included?

  2. This is EXACTLY like a BirchBox! How fun! Unfortunately my dog has a very sensitive stomach and can't have treats or I would totally sign up for this! Thanks for sharing :)


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