August 5, 2014

Do or Die Everyday Essentials

So before I dive into today's post, you may or may not have noticed that I changed my social media account usernames from mscheek (on Instagram and Pinterest) and melcheek (on Twitter) to mmackvick (on all three)! Yes...I'm excited to go from Ms. to Mrs. Yes...Will's last name is Mackvick. And yes...I read an article that said as soon as you are engaged why wait to update all your accounts? I a blogger it only makes sense to have everything under the same thing right? And that's that :)  

 Do or Die Everyday Essentials

Shopping for men can be quite difficult, especially when they never give suggestions of what they want or already have everything they need. That's why I get excited when I hear about a new company that is able to end the difficulties that have long been associated with buying gifts for men...and a particular company called Man Crates has just that mission.

Man Crates is a new company that ships out really cool gifts for men in custom wooden crates. And the only way to open the crates is with the crowbar that's included. The Golfer's Crate, Clean Shave Crate and Legends of Baseball Crate are my top picks and I know just the guys who would love to receive these!
We've got no shortcuts to sell you to improve your game, but we have gathered a few awesome items that make any golf outing more fun.
Heroes get remembered, legends get immortalized as pint glass barware.
Today I am partnering with Man Crates to talk about my do or die essentials; the things I can not live without. Everyone has those certain items that we could never live without and for me it's dove milk chocolate, a foam pillow, my Canon Rebel T3i, ChapStick and flavored water. These are absolute necessities and I would be lost without them. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration but it would be extremely hard to be without these things. 
A piece of chocolate a day keeps the doctor away. Or is that suppose to be an apple a day? Well, for me it's Dove chocolate. There is no way that I could ever give up chocolate. Like ever. I've tried and it just isn't possible. Now I do limit myself to only a few pieces a week. But whenever I have a sweet tooth, this does just the trick. And who doesn't love reading those little messages inside the wrapper? 
A foam pillow is something I truly can not live without. It's as simple as that. I have had neck problems for years and have been told that feather pillows just won't cut it for me. I have a particular one my dad gave me but I don't know what the brand is or I would share it with you because it's THE BEST. I don't have to worry about using multiple pillows or having to reposition myself at night. It cradles my neck in all the right areas and has held up for years.
My camera is pretty self explanatory. Ever since I received this on my birthday last year I have been obsessed with trying to figure out how to use it. But even though I'm not a pro at using it, I would hate to be without this beauty. Canon's are amazing camera and I have had only great experiences with my Rebel T3i. And it's a great camera for beginners or those new to using a DSLR.
ChapStick is a must and something I carry 24/7. If it's not in my purse, it's beside me on my nightstand. I used to use Burt's Bees but now I only use the Medicated ChapStick. Weirdly, the smell of it reminds me of rice krispy's and stays on longer then anything else I have used.
Water is the best thing for you to drink and the fact that I can drink flavored water with zero calories makes it even better. I use to not like the taste of regular water, but wanted to start eliminating soft drinks and other beverages that were not benefiting me so when I found flavored water that I loved, I knew that I was set. The Harris Teeter Simply Clear brand has some of the best flavors I have tried like Peach, Strawberry and Raspberry Blackberry but other brands that I have tried are Sparkling Ice flavored water, Cascade Ice, and Fruit2O.

Be sure to check back in tomorrow when I will be sharing my second post that recaps my recent proposal!! You won't want to miss this one!


  1. you are too cute changing your names! honestly it is best to do it early before they get taken, that was my issue. my first choice was taken on everything and then my second choice would be taken on one but not all of them ugh such a pain.

    plus, before you know it you really will be a mackvick! :)

    xo mk
    gold-hatted lover

  2. Loving all of your essentials! xo

  3. Those crates are so cute!!!!

  4. I'm the same way about my foam pillows- I used to be a down feathers girl but Ryan has converted me! And that crate is so adorable!! Too bad I've already got all of the boy's birthday presents.. there's always Christmas! xo

  5. Man crates are pretty awesome. Im thinking about getting one for my dad!


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