October 21, 2014

Honky Tonk City

Change can be good right? But what about unexpected change? I'm talking about the kind that occurs so fast that you don't even have time to react. The kind that stops you in your path. The life changing kind of change...is that kind of change good? I think it can be! But who is to say that we have any say what so ever in how things turn out? I mean, God is the only one who knows our past, present and future. He knows whats ahead of us even before we are given any sort of glimpse as to what lies ahead. And you are probably starting to wonder where I am going with this. Since I don't want to go into too much detail, please bare with me as I give only a short explanation!

Remember how Will and I planned on moving to Houston? It was 100% finalized. We had broke the news to all of our family and friends. We had already started looking at places to live and had even planned a trip for the two of us to head down to our future home to do a little exploring. However, like with most things, when you think you know whats to come, you really have NO idea.

Emotions were high for a little while and feelings on the whole situation were leaving me feeling pretty uncertain. But to be honest, I was so happy that I no longer had to worry about leaving behind all of my family and friends in North Carolina. And planning a wedding in a different state was never something I was looking forward too. The main thing that really had me burning on the inside was the fact that I had put all of my trust in God and being an engaged couple, moving to a state hundreds of miles away from "home" was something I gave to God 100%. And once I thought I had given everything to him, it felt as if he took it all away without any warning. But you know what I think? I think I thought I knew what God had up his sleeve for so long that I forgot that HE was the one in control...not me!

So there you have it...another change, and yet another update in a nutshell. But with change comes new seasons in life. And to welcome all the change that has been occurring in our life, Will and I decided to take a very spontaneous trip to Nashville, TN! This was the second time I had been to Nashville and Will's first so it was only appropriate that we stay at the Gaylord Opryland Resort. We slept in, ate out and played everything by ear...something hard for a planner like me to do!

But in my opinion, it would be wrong to share photos from our trip without giving some recommendations of places to go and things to do so enjoy a list that I created just for you. I wish we had time to visit more places but for now, these are the one's that are Melissa approved :)

The Loveless Cafe located on Highway 100 and known for their scratch-made biscuits and fried chicken.

The Pharmacy is one of Nashville's hippest burger joints were you can also find an old-school soda fountain that serves those good ole' milkshakes and ice cream sodas that you love.

For breakfast and brunch I recommend going to The Southern of Nashville. With a wide variety of options you won't be disappointed.

For an upscale American bar experience head over to Pub5.  

If you like coffee then The Frothy Monkey is a must! It has a very homey atmosphere and a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu too.

Puckett's Grocery is nothing fancy but really good! It was founded in the 50's and seems to be a place that all the locals enjoy going!

If you have a sweet tooth, you must make your way over to Jeni's Ice Cream. And go early because there is always a line out the door. I highly recommend the Brambleberry Crisp and Brown Butter Almond Brittle flavors.

The Second Fiddle, Lizard Thicket, Legend's Corner and Tootsie's Orchid Lounge are all a must if you are in the mood for some true country entertainment and music. If you only have time to visit a few I'd say go to Legend's Corner and Tootsie's Orchid Lounge first.

Sambuca is probably my favorite place to go for dinner! They have live music every night and some of the best entrees I've ever had.

If you are in the mood to visit a museum then go to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Even if you are not a huge fan of Country Music you will still enjoy your time exploring this place. Most of my picture above are from the CMA of Fame too! Some of my favorite parts of the museum were being able to see Elvis Presley's gold piano, outfits that Dolly Parton has worn and Taylor Swifts guitar and handwritten song lyrics! 

The first time I went to Nashville I went on the General Jackson Showboat and really enjoyed getting to see Nashville from the water. Not only that but you also get to enjoy a three-course dinner and a live country music show! Really fun and worth doing at least once.

Be sure to check back tomorrow were I will be sharing tons of engagement photos from our recent engagement session! 


  1. Talk about change girl! I always remind myself that everything is in God's hands and sometimes we just have to look a bit harder for the reason things happen. Looks like y'all made the most of it and enjoyed some QT time together.

  2. Oh goodness!! God loves to do that to us, to wake us up a little bit!! Ahh, I want to go to Nashville so bad! Glad yall could get away a little bit though :)

  3. Nashville looks like a blast!! So wait, does that mean y'all are staying in Charlotte??

  4. wow! such changes! You go girl, keep your head high and maintain your positivity. God always works things out for the best. And looks like you had a good time in my capital. Love playing and visiting in Nashville! Puckett's is hands down my favorite place to eat at.

  5. When we were engaged we were planning on living in AR after we got married due to my husband's job, but just two weeks before our wedding we were told we could live in our home state. We were SO excited, but also completely overwhelmed because we already had an apt rented and my husband's stuff was moved in. We had just a few short weeks to move everything from one state to another and find a new place to live. Crazy! Gotta love those unexpected changes. :)

  6. Thanks for sharing- I have a really hard with change and understanding God's ways and this was very inspiring. I love loveless cafe too!! :)


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