November 17, 2014

Cabin Fever

It's Monday, friends! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. In honor of Thanksgiving (and my golden BIRTHDAY) coming up, I've been spending some time thinking about all of the things I have to be thankful for, and this past weekend was one of the many things on my list! The individuals in the photos above our Will and I's close group of friends. All of the guys were on the soccer team with Will at NC State and have known each other for years. Because we all moved in different directions after college and started to "settle down" in life, we (mainly the guys) came up with a plan; every couple of months we get together and go on a trip that one of the couples plans. 

The last trip we did was a weekend at the beach. This time we headed to a city called Brevard in NC, a place I had never heard of but fell in love with once we arrived. I seriously want a mountain house after spending a few days in this precious little town. We ate to much delicious food, drank a fair amount of wine, sat around the fire and made smores, hiked to the top of a mountain and even visited one of the waterfalls where The Hunger Games was filmed. But no matter what we did or where we were, we always had fun together.

On another note, I have to mention the sweater I wore in the pictures above. I received this ahhhmazing piece from the Palm Tree Boutique and it's hands down my favorite item in my closet right now. It's not only the softest sweater I own, but also the perfect piece to wear when you want to bundle up and stay warm. Pair it with leggings and tall riding boots and you're all set. I wore it all day on Saturday and may have even slept in it that night....#dontjudgeme. And you just can't beat the pop of pink, the little pocket detail and the patterns which make this sweater very unique.

From now until the end of November you can shop and save 15% on their site! At checkout use the code SSM15% and viloa! You have new pieces to add to your winter wardrobe :) 


  1. love that sweater! nothing better than mountain weekends with friends!

  2. Love that was one of the items I was thinking about too. So snuggly and gray + pink = YESSS! Beautiful pictures, sweet bridey! xx

  3. sounds like such a great weekend, i loved seeing your pics on instagram. how cool that y'all make such an effort to get together every once in a while!

    xo mk
    gold-hatted lover

  4. This looks like the best little couples trip- I wish my friends & I could coordinate like that, but sadly it never happens :( The mountain views & that waterfall are so pretty!

  5. This looks like such a fun and beautiful trip! You read my mind! I was definitely going to ask where the sweater was from!:)

  6. What a fun trip! The views are breathtaking!! This trip seems like the perfect timing with all the leaves changing :)


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