November 4, 2014

Game Day Ensemble

Panthers Football

Is it really November, y'all?! I can't believe how fast the months have been flying by. Before we know it, we will be ringing in the New Year...and that just blows me away. In other news, I've had football on my mind recently. Why? Because my fiance is obsessed with the sport and I love cheering on sports teams, the Panthers in particular. Ever since I moved to Charlotte, I have been dying to go to Panthers games. I've only been to ONE when they played against the Green Bay Packers and have been wanting to go back to another one ever since.

There is something about attending football games that gets me eeeexciteeeedd! First there are the tailgates. Every where you turn you'll see crowds of people grilling hamburgers and hot dogs, playing corn-hole and drinking ice cold beverages. But the first thing I always notice is the sport fans "game gear".

Whether you're in the stadium cheering hooting and hollering, snuggled up on a couch or gathered around a restaurant table with friends rooting for your team, it seems that everyone has some sort of team spirit to showcase! And for me, this is key and all starts with a jersey. Lucky for us ladies, a company called Fanatic's has sport related clothing for both men and women and my favorite; a wide selection of NFL jerseys to choose from!

I don't know about you but I like to be both comfy and put together when attending sporting events. The time of year for football season is when you can likely expect colder temperatures so it's important to dress warm. But how do you dress warm and maintain your sense of style at the same time? I personally like to style my outfit around my top first, and in this case, a Carolina Panthers jersey.

Not only do I like the color scheme (Black, Blue, Silver and White), but this jersey is made to fit a lady. To compliment the jersey, I would pair it with jeans. You can also expect to do a lot of walking and standing so it's important to wear shoes that provide just the right amount of comfort and support.

The last time I attended a sporting event, I brought an oversize handbag with me. BIG MISTAKE! Not even halfway through the game was I sick and tired of carrying it around and regretted the decision immediately. Keep that in mind, y'all! Carrying a smaller handbag will be a blessing in disguise!

And then there are the final touches to the outfit that you can't forget about. These are the little things like nail polish to match the teams colors, a touch of color for your lips and small jewelry to bring out your feminine side to your football-inspired outfit.

What sports teams do you pull for and how do you dress to showcase your loyalty to a sports team? Don't have any attire or accessories to show your team spirit? Even if you do, I highly recommend checking out Fanatics! They can help with your game day style and have a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to all things sports apparel and fan merchandise.


  1. Cuuute! Love the nail polish you paired with it too!! Perfect for us Carolina Panther girls!

  2. Loving that Panthers blue polish! And fun tip, you can't even bring big bags into the stadium anymore, they have to either be clear or the size of a 4x6 photo. Crazy right?!?!


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