June 12, 2015

Cap Maison

Y'all, it's Friday and I'm getting MARRIED tomorrow! Eek! I can't believe our big day is finally here and the countdown is over. To say we are excited for our life as one to begin would be an understatement. And what better way for us to enjoy being newlyweds then to travel to a destination that neither of us have yet to experience, and to celebrate our first days of marriage as just the two of us, savoring all of the blissful and relaxing moments that we have been dreaming about for months?!
So welcome to Cap Maison friends! The place Will and I will call "home away from home" for a full week following our wedding day. I mean....did you look at those pictures above?! All of the photos came from Cap Maison's website and I can't help but sit here and daydream about how amazing this place will be when we see it in person. We will be staying in an 'ocean view' Junior Suite that has it's own private veranda and even a minibar. Y'all, I can't wait to wake up early, have breakfast in bed some mornings, and some days even outside, and spend our days exploring the property and all of St. Lucia. 

For most of you, you know that I'm a planner, but when it came to planning our honeymoon, we wanted to leave our schedule pretty open. Of course we have a list of things we want to do, but we want our time to be spent relaxing, going with the flow and being as flexible as possible. Something we both struggle with doing and thought would be the perfect time to practice while on vacation. Even though we don't have much set-in-stone, we are looking forward to our helicopter ride from the airport to our hotel once we arrive, going snorkeling, visiting La Soufriere Volcano and the Sulfur Springs Park in Soufriere, checking out the Castries Market and eating lots of yummy food.

I'll be documenting my time in St. Lucia periodically via Instagram (@mmackvick) and Snapchat (@mscheek) so be sure to follow along over the next week and when I get back I'll be doing a few recap posts. Have a great weekend, y'all! Can't wait to catch up when I get back!


  1. ahhh girl!! So excited for y'all! HAPPY WEDDING WEEKEND!!!!!!!! :))))

  2. Early congratulations, Melissa! Wishing you an absolutely magical wedding and honeymoon!! :)

  3. Congratulations!! This weekend will go by SO fast so enjoy every moment! That resort looks amazing, have the best time and enjoy officially being husband and wife :)

  4. Happy Wedding Weekend friend!!!!!!!!!! Take a moment to yourself tomorrow morning to take it all in and really realize what's about to happen! And enjoy the honeymoon in that amazing location! xoxo

  5. can't believe the time has come already!!! can't wait to see pictures :) Congrats, again!

  6. So excited for you! And that destination looks ah-mazing! Excited to see your insta posts :)
    This Side of Paradise

  7. Yayyy so excited for you- the honeymoon is going to be amazing!!!! Have so much fun this week :)

  8. So happy for you! I hope this weekend is every bit as magical as you have imagined!

  9. Congratulations! What a beautiful place to honeymoon!

  10. We honeymooned in St. Lucia too! It was such a dream! Enjoy your time there.


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