June 3, 2015

Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

10 days until our wedding y'all! I can't believe in just about a week I will be putting on my wedding dress and getting ready to marry my best friend! Since we are nearing the single digits , I thought today would be the perfect time to write another wedding post.

Something Old, Something New, 

Something Borrowed, Something Blue...

Something OLD...this is supposed to represent something from the past, whether it belongs to the bride or someone she knows. Something NEW...this symbolizes optimism for a happy future. Something BORROWED is supposed to represent borrowed happiness. And the something BLUE is for love and fidelity. You've also probably heard of the "sixpence"...well that is for good luck and is usually placed in a shoe.

After doing some research and figuring out what each of these things represent, I wanted to take the time to really figure out what I would have for my something old, new, borrowed and blue. A few were easier to figure out then others, like the something old and new, but figuring out what I wanted for my something borrowed and blue...that took a little bit more time!  Below I will share what I'll be using, along with other alternatives that are just as great! Remember, not all brides decide to participate in these "superstitions" so it's okay if you don't incorporate everything. And make sure that whatever you settle with is meaningful, especially for you. 
For my something old I'll be wearing my grandmother's wedding ring that my mom gave me two years ago at Christmas. She is no longer with us and was the only grandmother I was fortunate to get to know and our relationship is one that I will always cherish. Every time I wear her ring, it makes me think back on the strong Christian relationship my grandmother and grandfather had, one that lasted so many years and was a great example of what true love looks like. Not only is my something old sentimental, but it's also very practical. Other options for your something old could be a small photo charm of loved one's who have passed that you attach to your bouquet, a heirloom bible that is used during your ceremony, wearing the same veil your mother/aunt/grandmother wore on her big day, or using the cake topper that was used in a previous family member's wedding.
I love jewelry and I love when I find classy and timeless pieces to add to my collection. So what better way then to buy a new pair of earrings that I will wear as my something new? The Nina 'Rennie" Teardrop earrings that I found complete my bride "look".  They are the perfect size, lightweight and remind me of "vintage glamour"...which is exactly how I would describe my wedding dress! 

For a lot of brides, their wedding ring or even their dress serves as their something new, and for others, like my friend Kate, one might receive something from their soon to be Husband that they can wear after the knot is tied. For Kate, her Hubby gifted her with a beautiful monogram necklace that showcased her new initials. Another idea for something new could be champagne flutes with your initials on them to be used at the wedding reception during the toast.
Something borrowed. This one was a little bit more difficult for me to figure out. I've heard that some brides will borrow wedding bands of a couple who have a love that really inspires you and tie the rings to their bouquet, or wear them as a necklace. Other brides may borrow jewelry, or items to be used at the wedding ceremony or reception. My something borrowed will likely be a small clutch that I can use to carry my lipstick, my phone, tissues and things that I might want or need throughout the day.

Something blue. There are so many ideas for this one. One idea that I love is a hidden snippet of blue stitched into your gown. This could be your new initials, your wedding date, or a little heart. My something blue will be the garter that I wear that Will's Mom is giving me, along with blue nail polish I wear on my toes. Another option for your something blue could be a robe or whatever you plan to get ready in the morning of your big day.
21 Insanely Fun Wedding Ideas - And for the bride, a little something blue


  1. What cute ideas! Your grandmother's ring is BEAUTIFUL! I would love an antique wedding ring a lot like hers when I get engaged.

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  2. So cute! My borrowed, blue and old were a garter my mother wore on her wedding day and my sister wore on hers.


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