January 3, 2014

5 on Friday

Happy first Friday of 2014 cuties! I have been trying very hard this week to make sure that I am acknowledging the resolutions that I've made, and so far I think I am off to a great start :) I don't know about you, but I am determined to make this year a wonderful one, despite all of the unknown challenges that I will be faced with. But with God, family and positive friends, I know I can conquer anything and so can you!

For those who may be new to reading my blog, you will see that I regularly participate in link-ups, especially on Fridays when I take part in a handful of them. One of the first ones I ever participated in was 5 on Friday which is hosted by April, Darci, Christina, and Natasha.

I LOVE taking part in link-ups because it's a great way to find cute blogs, make new friends and it's really quite simple to do! For 5 on Friday, all you have to do is write a post about five things on your mind (or anything really), post the logo in your blog post, enter the link-up and viola! So what better way to show you what I mean then by doing one of my own?!

The day had finally came last Sunday when Alyssa made the move to Charlotte! I couldn't have been more excited to help her unpack, get settled in and go shopping at Target for household items. Towards the end of the night, Caitlin came over to check A's place out and it was so much fun having all three of us together again, celebrating the new journeys that we have to look forward to this year together ;)
Monday was another fun day because Alyssa and I got to meet the adorable Kate from A Lonestar State of Southern for lunch! Kate lives all the way in Texas and was in town for a few days so it was only necessary that we all got together. And let me tell you one thing. For those who think blogger meetups are weird or scary...you are 90% wrong in my opinion! Once you get past the thought of "this is going to be so awkward", they end up being so much fun! I wouldn't trade any of the blogger lunch dates I've ever had because they have all (so far) ended in long lasting and some of my most valued friendships! And if you aren't already following the lovely Kate, you should defiantly go and do it now; she's the best.
Ringing in the New Year is something I always look forward to doing, but for the past two years or so, I think I've had a better time experiencing New Years day and this year was nothing short of perfect. To kickoff our day, Will and I woke up at a decent hour, got Miller fed and ready for the day and headed out for a walk to Starbucks for a light breakfast and quick coffee. After our morning stroll, we headed back home where we prayed and had devotional time together. An hour or so passed by when we decided to go see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty movie, which I highly recommend going to see if you are a Ben Stiller fan. Our day didn't stop there though! After the movie, we made a trip to Ikea and then headed home were we ended our night with Chinese food and a few episodes of Game of Thrown's. It was a busy day, but that's how we wanted it to be. We want to spend 2014 doing spontaneous and unplanned things. We want to live and enjoy every moment we have together...not taking anything for granted.
Cuddle and quality time with Will and Miller. Quite time praying and reading the Bible. They are the best. Plain and simple.
Last, and perhaps the most exciting thing I have to share is the reveal of our Holiday card that I designed using TinyPrints! In a previous post, which can be found here, I talked about how Will and I never did a moving announcement when we moved to CLT and being that the holidays were among us, I thought it would be a fantastic idea to come up with a card that was versatile enough to be used for both occasions! When I saw the package at my front door, I was excited to run inside and find these amazing little wonders neatly tucked away in that blue and white box! TinyPrints has blown me away once again with their quality, quick turnaround time, endless amounts of options and of course their customer service. I hope you all like the option that we choose and I can't wait to get these babies out in the mail ASAP! 

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  1. Cute Christmas card! Glad to hear that movie was good! I'm dying to see it!

  2. Hey girl! I am a new follower coming over from Fridays Fab link-up! I love your one about cuddle time and then quiet time with God...it sets my day in a whole new directions when I take the time for those things! :) Can't wait to check out more of your blog! Have a great weekend!


  3. LOVE your Christmas card! I hope you guys had a great holiday!

  4. Love the pics of the pup! Sounds like a great New Year's Day!!


  5. Love the photos! Glad you had a fun New Years! xoxo

    xo would love you to join in for the Inspire Me 2014 Blog Challenge!
    Showered With Design

  6. Glad you had such a great new year! Hope this year is as good as last! I would love if you would come linkup with me today also doing a giveaway from Wednesday!

  7. I love link-ups for the same reason! I found this blog because of the five on friday.

    Loving your christmas cards - so cute! :)

  8. Blogger meet ups sound like so much fun! Have a great weekend :)

  9. I love your holiday card!! Our dogs also made a guest appearance in the picture on the back. I was also incredibly impressed with the quality of our Tiny Prints Christmas cards this year.

  10. I loved reading this! Your holiday card is too cute!!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  11. Love you holiday card. It is so cute!
    I have found many blogs through link-ups. I love them.

    Sounds like your new years was a blast.

    Here's to 2014!


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