January 17, 2014

Brilliant Earth: Personality Style Challenge

Happy Friday, loves! Usually I do a 5 on Friday post, but not today because I was recently contacted by Brilliant Earth to participate in their Personality Style Challenge and couldn't wait until next week to talk about it! So do forgive me for changing things up a bit...I guess you could say I get excited when it comes to clothes and pretty things such as jewelry, but what girl doesn't?!

Glam Day and Night

Sooo first things first. Brilliant Earth is a company that specializes in ethically sourced fine jewelry, with diamonds and engagement rings as their forte. But there is more to this company then just the pretty items that they sell. Brilliant Earth has a mission and values that I truly respect and believe in such as fighting to stop the trade in blood diamonds. They also donate 5% of the profits they make back to the communities that have suffered from unethical practices in the jewelry industry. They've already won me over, which made participating easy and fun...which leads me to the next thing...the Personality Style Challenge!

For the challenge, a group of bloggers were selected and given information on six different "personality styles", along with corresponding accessories that went with each. The personality styles included: 1) blue jeans & tee shirt kind of girl, 2) floral, feminine styles & patterns, 3) glamorous like stilettos and glitter, 4) minimalist, no-nonsense elegant style, 5) vintage dresses & thrift store shopping, and 6) cutting edge. We were then told to pick our favorite category of the six and to create a fashion style board incorporating our personality style and the accessories that went along with that category. Picking my favorite of the bunch was a bit tricky and was a close tie between 3) and 5), but I had to go with my gut and choose the third!!

For my board, I wanted to showcase an outfit that could be worn both day or night and for multiple occasions. I decided to pair a pink tulle skirt with a cream colored sweater that gives off a more laid back feel, but when worn with heels, the outfit is still appropriate for a night out on the town and still appears glamorous. The perfume, sunnies, lipstick, and clutch are some of my favorite items on my board by far (besides the jewelry). EVERY girl needs that ONE perfume that is "their scent", or that lipstick that is their go to shade day in and day out. And for me, it's important to have statement pieces that can be paired with a number of things, like the jewelry shown on my board. It's all about working with what you currently own, and transforming your look into something magical...something one-of-a-kind! Something creative and something totally YOU.

Y'all, I had a blast creating my fashion style board (using Polyvore) and I'm so curious to see what the other bloggers came up with for the challenge! Later next week, Brilliant Earth will be picking their three favorites which will then be featured on Brilliant Earth’s Pinterest board with a link back to the selected participant’s blog post! Cross your fingers for me that I will be one of the top three!

Note- I was not compensated for this post in any way. My style board may be pinned to Brilliant Earth's Pinterest page, but I participated in the challenge for fun. All opinions in this post are my own.


  1. i love love brilliant earth jewels!! i've really been wanting to buy a tulle skirt...just gotta get the nerve to try to pull it off :) crossing my fingers and hoping you win! have a great weekend friend :)

  2. Well this outfit is cute! I love the splashes of shimmer and pinks- very glam! Have a great weekend love!

  3. How cute is all of the pink?!? Love the skirt!


  4. You did a FAB job on this outfit board!! I seriously want that tulle skirt for myself! hehe. Love you sweetie!

  5. SO CLASSY! Absolutely love everything about this outfit board!! Have a great weekend, Melissa!! :)

  6. so pretty and ladylike! i want it all on my body right now!!

    xo mk

  7. love this. I'm a sucker for a board full of blush pink items!


  8. Love this outfit!! Found your page through the Friday fresh face blog hop! Excited to follow along!


  9. I'm swooning over all that gorgeous bling and loveliness up there! Give me some pink and glitter and I'm a happy girl! Xoxo

  10. I LOVE your board! I'm participating in the Personality Style Challenge as well! My post went up today, I love seeing what other people have come up with. Feel free to check out how I styled the same collection! http://defineddesigns-emma.blogspot.com/2014/01/old-hollywood.html
    Fingers crossed for both of us! xo,

    1. Ahh! Hey Emma! Wasn't it so much fun participating in?!! I just took a peek and love your board too :) Very "chic"! Thanks for checking mine out pretty girl!!! Fingers are crossed! Oh and you are a no reply blogger! Go check out my post I wrote back last December to get that fixed!! Let me know if you have any questions!!


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