January 21, 2014

The time I studied abroad in Greece...

Last week I was talking to Mary-Katherine who mentioned studying abroad, and my thoughts immateriality flashed back to the time I studied abroad in Greece my freshman/sophomore year of college. I will never forget seeing the sign-up sheet hanging in one of the hallways at my school...every time I passed by it, I felt tempted to put my name on the list that was filling up by the second. The only thing that stood in my way was of course the cost, but mainly the fact you had to study art to go. I remember talking to my parents, showing them all the information on how long we would be gone, what we would be doing, and finally, I told them that I would be committed to taking an art appreciation class if that meant I could go. With hardly any "begging" on my end, they said YES and my dreams of traveling overseas were finally becoming a reality!

I could talk for DAYS about my time in Greece and all the things I learned and did while there. But I won't waste too much of your time sweet friends! Instead, I'll show you a handful of some of my favorite photos that I took from my trip and let you know what some of my favorite places/things were. But I warn you, the photos don't do Greece justice! To be quite honest, I can't even explain how b-e-a-utiful everything was. It was simply amazing. From the food, to the weather, to the color of the ocean and all the history and culture that I got to be apart of...this was an experience of a lifetime. One that I will NEVER forget and hope to be able to do further down the road again :)

Favorite hotels stayed in (I think we stayed in three total): The Iria Mare Hotel and Hotel Oscar
Favorite places visited: Athens, Aegina, Delphi, Olympia, Rhodes, Mycenae, Mykonos and Santorini 
Favorite beach: Clovino Beach in Central Greece
Favorite "pieces of history": The Caryatides, The Acropolis, The Theater of Dionysus, and Erechtheion 
Favorite restaurant we ate at: Kolizeras in Mycenae and Argo in Santorini
Favorite museum: The Delphi Museum
Favorite ocean adventure: Our three day cruise on the Aquamarine

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  1. Wow Greece! That's awesome, very jealous! Looks like quite the adventure!!

  2. i am SO glad you decided to post this!! the pictures are of course stunning and make me want to head on the first plane over there! it has been on my list to travel to for so long and now it is just scooting its way up the list!

    now you've definitely got me thinking i will have to share some of my experience as well!

    xo mk

  3. These pictures are beautiful! I'm super jealous of your time in Greece. I've never been but have talked about it for SO long. It's at the top of my wanderlust list.


  4. These are gorgeous! I would love to go to Greece -- I've traveled abroad, but never studied abroad, and that is one of my biggest regrets!

  5. Wow! This looks incredible! I studied abroad, too, and loved it, but Greece unfortunately was not in our travel plans. This only reminds me how much I want to go! :D

  6. SO JEALOUS!!!! These photos are so beautiful!! I have always wanted to go to Greece, especially Santorini! Um and your hair color looks so good!!! Baby Melissa :)

  7. I'm sitting in a Greek history class and this makes me extremely jealous! What a fun trip and great pictures. I hope I get the chance to do the same :)

  8. Love, love, love these pictures! I did an exchange program to Greece in 8th grade and loved every minute of it :-) Isn't the country so beautiful? Did you get to travel over to Italy any?

  9. JEALOUS!!! something I'll always wish I had done in college!

  10. wow so so awesome pics.I like it.watching this pics i want to go greece,Thanks for such a nice post.
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