May 8, 2014

Savannah, GA: Food

For  part 1 and 2 of my Savannah posts, you can go here and here to get caught up!

Food is essential. We must eat to survive, so why not enjoy what we are served? One of the things that I enjoy most while on vacation is trying new places and experimenting with new foods. So while in Savannah, it was only appropriate to do just that. And I must say, the South has the best food! Maybe I am being bias but it sure is lip smackin' good and something I will never grow tired of. So sit back and let your mouth water as I tell you about some of our favorite places we went to!
J. Christopher's. was the first brunch place we checked out on our first morning in Savannah. Will ordered Blueberry "Crunchcakes" which consisted of a stack of blueberry pancakes fortified with crunchy granola. I dined on the Hazelnut French Toast which was dipped in a hazelnut creme batter and grilled until it was golden brown and topped with whipped cream. Both were amazing.
Leoci's Trattoria. will make your mouth water, no doubt about it. We went here on our second night for dinner, and invited our two German friends (who were staying at the house with us) to come along and join us! Leoci's is an inspiring Italian eatery, with the option to sit indoors or out on the screened in patio. We picked to sit out on the screened in patio and it couldn't have been a better choice. We could still feel the breeze from outside and got to enjoy the "cozy" feel of the atmosphere. Best of both worlds. And don't get me started on the bread, wine and Gnocchi! Delicious is an understatement although next time I would like to try the pizza!
Goose Feathers Cafe. Even with an hour long wait, it's worth going! Goose feathers has the best variety of breakfast items, salads and sandwiches, and all at a really good price. Something about the atmosphere, even though very busy, was relaxing and a place that I could see myself becoming a regular at every time I visit Savannah.
Where does one go for casual fine dining while in Savannah? Belford's Seafood and Steaks in the City Market of course. From the charming old brick building, all the way down to the wine and cocktails, Belford's is high up on our list. If you like New York steak strips then I recommend it because it was just the right amount of food and came with really good Parmesan potato wedges.
Leopold's Ice Cream. One of a kind and a true Savannah hot spot. Known for it's delicious ice cream and milk shakes, this is a MUST for when you have a sweet tooth! I enjoyed the honey almond and cream ice cream sundae which was out of this world and highly recommended!

Another place you should check out if you are in the mood for dessert or after dinner drinks is Lulu's Chocolate Bar. We enjoyed the cheesecake and chocolate nut brownie and would have liked to stay for drinks but they didn't have any tables available so we got our dessert to-go. Next time though!

If you like coffee and need an afternoon pick me up then I recommend going to The Coffee Fox.

And if you'd like to try a Georgia Peach Sangria, go to Cafe at City Market.
Other places to try (that we did not get to go to):
Crystal Beer Parlor (The second oldest restaurant and bar in Savannah and known for their creamy crab stew)


  1. That breakfast in the top picture looks amazing!

  2. I always hear such great things about the food in Georgia, this post is no exception!

  3. Yum!!! I would like to go to all these places! Now, to get to savannah....:)

  4. Where did you all stay? What are the best places to eat, shop, visit? I am going over the summer! Email me anything you are willing to share please!
    The Tennessee Life

  5. Okay, now I'm really REALLY hungry!

  6. I visit Savannah all of the time! I went to college near Savannah (GSU). J Christopher's is good and Lulu's Chocolate bar--yum! One of my favorite restaurants is one on River Street, but I can't remember the name. Ha!

  7. Leoci's was one of my favs. So glad you had fun!! But sorry that I missed you!!! Next time my love!!



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