May 21, 2014

What You Wish Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone and welcome to WYWW! I am so excited to share with you all a very new link-up that I am helping co-host with some wonderful ladies! Leslie, Stasia, and Nikki are three gals you'll want to get to know because of their sweet personalities and precious blogs! So let me just take a quick minute to tell you about WYWW before diving in. This is a no-fuss and super simple link-up were we welcome you to join us in sharing whatever you wish! It can be anything from your favorite posts, recipes, DIY projects, tips and tricks...whatever you please! The only things we request are that you grab the link-up button which can be found on my sidebar and add it at to the bottom of your post, link-up whatever you wish and follow one of more of the hostesses! So here you have it! The first WYWW! Enjoy!

1. 10 Tips for a Christ Centered Marriage speaks truth to my heart and includes a bible verse for each tip that really resonate with me.

2. I wish I was better at cooking because these Mini Apple-Sour Dough French Toasts look beyond amazing and I can't wait to get Will to help me learn how to make them for breakfast!

3. Nancy Ray Photography and the rest of the team are some of the best photographers I have ever seen or met. Their film photography leaves me speechless and they are also located in Raleigh, NC where I lived from 2007-2012.

4. I enjoyed this blog post for the book recommendations it offered and for all the ways to truly be happier!

It's our hope that you join us in this new Wednesday weekly link-up and fell free to share your thoughts or ideas with one of us at anytime! We want to make sure everything is up and running smoothly and will make sure to fix any glitches we find. See you next time friends!


  1. That french toast looks really good!

  2. So excited to be starting the link up! :)


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