January 4, 2016

Goals for 2016

Ah, 2016 is finally upon us! I don't know about you but I feel like 2015 went by so fast. In 2015 alone, I got engaged, Will and I moved, I gathered inspiration and planned for our wedding, we got married in June, honeymooned in St. Lucia, spent a long weekend in NYC, visited Brooklyn, and welcomed a precious little niece into the family to name a few highlights.

And although the start of a new year can be bittersweet, it's also a time to start afresh. To set new goals and try new things. In years past, I was one of those individuals who would set resolutions but always failed at keeping them. A lot of resolutions I came up with were just not "doable". For instance, why would I ever tell myself I would never, ever, EVER drink another soda again for the rest of my life? I mean...if I'm being realistic here...that's just crazy. I don't drink soda weekly, but every once-in-a-while I'll have one.

Now that I'm married, I've been thinking about traditions Will and I can implement, and setting goals for the coming year is one of them. On New Years Day, we woke up and enjoyed breakfast at one of my favorite breakfast spots; The Flying Biscuit. We don't go there all that often, so it made it feel extra special. Throughout the rest of our morning, we took time talking through what we wanted to accomplish for the year and weeded out goals we felt weren't realistic.

Nancy Ray wrote a blog post recently hat explained something worth putting into practice and it's this: "The most vital part of my goal setting process is simply this: set monthly goals. Let your yearly goals guide what you write. Break them down across the 12 months of the year, then implement them in 4-week time frames. That is the perfect amount of time to really accomplish some things".

So that's what we did! Below our the categories used with my personal goals for the year broken down for each. I thought of others, but wanted to make sure I was being realistic with what I felt I could accomplish in twelve months. And because this is my first time making a list of goals for the New Year, I didn't want to pressure myself by breaking everything out into months. However, I do plan to keep you guys updated each month on what I've accomplished!

- Host four game nights at our house. We actually had our first game night over the weekend!
- Spend two + weekends visiting our parents (not including the holidays).
- Reach out to my group of girlfriends on a weekly basis. Communication is important to me.

- Back up all photos/documents/etc. on all computers and devices twice throughout the year.
- Clean out my closet and invest in essential items. My motto these days is "quality over quantity".

- Attend an Abundance Conference.
- Increase my prayer life and pray out loud with Will more often.
- Develop a 30 minute morning quite time routine that I do everyday.

- Find a CPA to help us with our taxes.
- Go back over Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University course as a refresher.
- Review our bank accounts and finances at the end of each month.
- Help Will pay off the rest of his student loans.

- Attend classes at the YMCA twice a week and walk for 30 minutes three times a week.
- Go one month every quarter with no soda.
- Meal-plan healthier lunch and dinner options with Will every Sunday.

- Celebrate our one year wedding anniversary in June!!
- Complete The One Year Love Language Devotional with Will.

- Take a SkillPop class and discover a new passion.
- Read at least six new books. The one's currently on my list include:

1. The Ten Best Days of My Life by Adena Halpern
2. The Artist's Daughter: A Memoir by Alexandra Kuykendall
3. Make it Happen by Lara Casey
4. Bright Young Things by Anna Godbersen
5. Beautiful Days by Anna Godbersen 
6. The Lucky Ones by Anna Godbersen
7. Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst
8. What You Do Best in the Body of Christ by Bruce Bugbee
9. The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst
10. You and Me by Francis and Lisa Chan

- Take a weekend getaway to the Blue Ridge Mountains with Will's parent.
- Explore four new cities: Chicago, Atlanta, Boston and somewhere in Florida.

What goals or resolutions do you have for 2016? I'd love to hear what you have in mind!


  1. I love these goals! Did you enjoy the Dave Ramsey course? I've heard so many great things about it but I haven't pulled the trigger and done it yet. My favorite goal of yours is to develop a new passion! I might have to join you in that :)



  2. The Flying biscuit is my favorite!! And these are great goals, I love how you've split them up into categories like this.

  3. Great goals! Too bad we don't live closer my husband is a CPA and could help y'all lol. We are hoping to host a game/dinner night at least once a month or every other month this year with our friends! We are hoping to celebrate our one year anniversary with a cruise somewhere! Such a good post!! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing the Love Language devotional! I just went and got it. We've both read the Love Languages book and love it. I'm looking forward to the devotional.

  5. 2015 was such a BIG year for you friend! But I firmly believe the best is yet to come for both of us! Also, I love these goals! I'm going to have to take a look at those books on your list :D

  6. I love the idea of breaking your goals down into monthly goals.. it makes it feel and sound much more realistic and possible!

  7. What great goals! I want to host a game night at my house too for some friends, I love game night. Your goals are all totally doable - you got this girl!

  8. WOW! Your 2015 was great! These goals are so attainable and you can do all of them. Best of luck!

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