June 28, 2013

5 on Friday

Happy FRIDAY y'all!

This is my first link-up (just entered the bloggin' world two short weeks ago) and I must say, I am so glad that 5 on Friday is my first link-up! The girls behind the whole idea have the cutest blogs, and write on all things up my alley! I highly recommend visiting their pages and linking up with them; April of A. Liz Adventures, Christina of Carolina Charm, Natasha of Hello! Happiness and Darci of the good life blog.

Here's what I'm loving this Friday:

ONE- Charlotte, NC! I never thought I would be so smitten over the Queen city so fast, but there's not doubt that I just love living here so much already. In the past week I have ventured out and discovered a handful of cute hole-in-the walls restaurants, precious boutiques, and some local favorite hot spots. Let me just share a few of my top picks so far...
  • Yesterday my friend Maddie and I went and had lunch at Kennedy's Bar & Grill. Not only did I enjoy the food (I ordered the hamburger with sweet potato fries), but the atmosphere was so lively and fun! Kennedy's is an Irish bar located in the historic neighborhood of Elizabeth,  which has an awesome deck area (a large Shamrock and many strands of lights hung above the large deck) with big screen TV's inside and outside. I will defiantly be making a trip back to Kennedy's soon, where I look forward to enjoying dinner with friends on the deck area looking over 7th Street, with a large cold one in my hands...
  •  After lunch at Kennedy's, Maddie and I went to Park Road Shopping Center (an outdoor shopping center) that had some of my favorite places to dine (helloooo The Flying Biscuit and Brueggers Bagels!) and a number of different retail stores. One shop that Maddie and I checked out was Julies; which was just the cutest little women's retail store! Julie's had a wide selection of tops and dresses and other pieces of clothing that I just adored! Throughout the store were also multiple tables filled with bright neon colored necklaces, bracelets and earrings. I had to do all I could to resist from buying everything in sight and going broke!
  • Some other recent Charlotte finds I fancy are Peculiar Rabbit (offers some amazing views of Charlotte from the patio area), Rock Bottom (highly recommend trying their Sangria's!), and Petal Boutique (dangerously close to where I live...see ya later paycheck!).
TWO- Mission of Mercy by Nancy Alcorn. Right before I moved to Charlotte, my dear friend Janel gave me this amazingly powerful and heartfelt book that I finished in a solid six days. Nancy is the Founder and President of an organization called Mercy Ministries and wrote this book so that she could share "the practical principles that have made Mercy Ministries a success at life transformation" for girls with troubled pasts. Mission of Mercy is about allowing God to use you to help make an impact and difference in others. One of the main things that stood out to me from Nancy's writing was when she made a reference to WHYS and WHATS in individuals. This is first seen in her chapter called Patterns in which she states that "God understands us completely and loves us unconditionally, yet He loves us enough to change the way we are when our why creates a what that keeps us from living freely and abundantly". Every single one of us judges others and yet we are instructed by God not to judge (Matthew 7: 1-5) because we don't always know WHAT has happened in another person's life that has led to WHY they are the way they are. Nancy is such an inspiration and someone I highly recommend getting to know through her writing!

L. to R. (Me, Janel, Hannah)
THREE- FAMILY. My Mom was not able to help me move to Charlotte and has yet to see the Condo that Will and I live in and is finally able to take a few days off from work and is taking a train on Monday morning to come and stay with me until Wednesday! I am so excited to see her and am very thankful that we will have a few days to have mother/daughter time. My mom and I haven't always had the best of relationships, but with constant prayer and continually forgiveness, we have been able to grow closer over time...THANK YOU JESUS! I'm excited to show her around Charlotte, enjoy some much needed R&R, and to just be in each others presence.
FOUR- The 4th of July. This is going to be the first holiday Will and I will be celebrating together in Charlotte...and I can't wait! Who doesn't love being rock RED, WHITE, and BLUE, watch the fireworks and celebrate the freedom and independence of America? Where there are barbecues, picnics, and family gatherings...count me IN! This year, Will and I plan on going to the U.S. National Whitewater Center in which we will get to listen to some live music, as well as watch the fireworks over the whitewater river! Check here for more information on this two day event!
FIVE- Organization and a CLEAN room! I never realized how much stuff that Will and I had and how long it took to fully unpack everything you own. This room is almost completely unpacked and just the way I want it to be! I can't wait to share more photos with you all and to write a post on the condo in its entirety!
Thanks to Mom for painting this bedroom furniture white for me!!!

I really enjoyed sharing five things I currently adore and can't wait for next Friday to share 5 more!


  1. So glad you are enjoying the Queen City! I can't believe you read that book so fast WHILE moving! It sounds like a good one though! And I'm glad you're getting time with your mom soon. :) miss you friend!

    1. La! I miss you guys! I am loving Charlotte and all the new places to explore :) When you guys are close by, please let me know!

  2. Welcome to CLT! I found your blog from the Charlotte Social page. We just celebrated 2 months here and love it!

    1. Hi Rachel! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am loving both Blogging AND Charlotte and can't wait to see what's in store :) Happy 2 months to you and your move to Charlotte! Hope to see you at the July meet-up possibly. P.S. how do individuals go about following my blog? I've had a few friends ask me, but I haven't a clue what to tell them!


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