June 20, 2013

First & Last Day All In One

Hey everyone! My name's Melissa and welcome to my blog! This is such a 'mile marker' day for me---Today I am writing my FIRST ever blog post (super excited about starting one of these) and today is also my LAST day at the current Company I work for (Headway Workforce Solutions) as I am getting ready to make the move to the Queen City this weekend! Days like today are bittersweet. I am filled with both happy and sad emotions, but know that what God has in store for my future is going to be simply wonderful! It's days like today where I sit back and soak in all that I have to be thankful for; like sweet co-workers and friends, new beginnings, tender goodbyes, and the thrill of new memories that are in the making. I am so happy to finally have jumped on the blog bandwagon and can't wait to write and share my new journey through blogging, along with all the other simply things in life that I adore: my boyfriend William, fashion, a good book, road trips, food, Will and I's pup Miller, church and of course Jesus!


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