July 23, 2013

Back to Reality (Part 1)

Hi everyone!

I am back from my (unplanned) two weeks away from Social Media. I have never really stepped away from my daily use of Facebook, Pinterest and everything else, but it was VERY MUCH needed and something I plan to do more often. I started my time away by preparing for Noah's (Will's youngest brother) visit! I absolutely love Noah and was so excited to have him visit us for a week :)

As soon as Noah arrived on Friday (the 12th), I let him bring his bags inside, and while he did just that, I thought it would be fun if we hit the road to explore! We did just that. We ended up heading to Mooresville, NC to check out Lazy 5 Ranch. Lazy 5 Ranch is a drive through animal park in which you have the luxury of staying in your own car while driving through the 3.5 mile tour. Noah and I saw a number of familiar animals such as Llamas, Scotch Highland Cattle, Watusi, Texas Longhorns, Jersey Cows, Zebras, a variety of Goats and Sheep, Deer and Elks, Giraffes, and Pot-Bellied Pigs! On the tour were also Rhinos and Kangaroos but unfortunately we didn't see them, but hopefully next time! After our fun trip, we headed back to Charlotte to get ready for dinner with Will at Mad Daddy's and then called it a day.

The next day we did not waste any time sleeping in...instead we got ready and headed to Carowinds! This was Noah's first time and Will and I were equally excited to ride roller coasters and enjoy a day full of adrenaline rush!

After a day full of walking, overcast and hot weather, we were all ready for a good meal...and what better way to fill up then by going to Maverick Taco's! This has got to be my favorite Mexican restaurant that I have been to in Charlotte so far (mainly because of the queso dip) so I was a very happy girl!

After two days full of non-stop going, we decided that Sunday would be pretty chill. We started the day by going to Elevation Church, then went to Mac's Speed Shop for lunch and then back to the condo for much needed R&R for the rest of the day.

If you haven't been able to tell thus far, we love checking out new local favorites to visit and eat at (I mean, we are NEW to the Queen City!) and because Noah was in town, we found it was only the perfect occasion to eat out every.single.night. But because the first few days for us were "scheduled" and busy, we thought that the remainder of Noah's time here should be one that is not exactly planned. And so the next few days while Will was at work, Noah and I went to Ikea and built another bookshelf, toured UNCC, checked out more restaurants such as Dean and Deluca's and really just enjoyed each others company and our time together.
Will and I were so sad that Noah had to leave after a fun week with us, but knew he would be coming back to visit us again soon. Being the only child, I look at Noah as a brother and get along with him so well. All of the adventures we went on, places we explored and time making fun of each other are things that I will never take for granted...

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