July 24, 2013

Back to Reality (Part 2)

Happy Hump day y'all!

Thanks for baring with me as I have been trying to catch up on my two weeks away from blogging (whew-wee)! So I am going to jump backwards once more and recap last week for you all :) After Noah left last Tuesday, I didn't really have much planned. I used the free time I had to continue unpacking and organizing the Condo, taking Miller on multiple daily walks, and even finished two books! But despite the free time I had, I did do a few fun things that I'd like to share (I'll bullet them out this time to try to make this post shorter then the previous one)!
  • Thursday evening I met up with Savanah who my friend Hannah Watt's told me I should meet once I made the move to Charlotte. This was what I call a "first date" and Savanah had the idea that we should meet at TCBY. I won't lie and say that I wasn't nervous going to meet up with someone I had never met before, but I can see now why Hannah and Savanah are great friends! Savanah just recently got married and moved to Charlotte as well, and so it was easy to talk about our recent transitions and struggle with finding a new church and becoming grounded. I have to say I was SO glad that we met up because I needed that girl time; time to chat, vent, and have christian fellowship with.
  • Saturday morning brunch with Will and Will's sister Ariel have become a tradition and something I look forward to weekly! So last week we went to The Original Pancake House and then Will and I spent the remainder of the afternoon looking at new cars for Will!
  • Sunday Will and I tried out a different church (Myer's Park Presbyterian) and then went home and watched all of the previous episode's of Suites that we had not seen. We are now caught up and ready to watch this Season's episodes together every Tuesday night :)
  • Monday I had my 3rd and final interview with Primary PhysicanCare for the Marketing and Sales Administrative Assistant position. I am so interested in this position and really hope that I get it! There was a total of 3 candidates (including me) for them to decided from, but know that whatever happens is out of my hand's and will work out for God's plan in my life.
  • Yesterday, I spent my morning with Ariel at the Discovery Place! Ariel is the Camp Director for The J and took her kids on a field trip and asked me to join, so of course I said YES! The big kid inside of me came out while running around the museum with all of the middle schoolers, so naturally I was exhausted when I left and went home to take a nice long nap. Will is in New Orleans traveling for work, so I spent the rest of the day with Miller...(insert lonley face).

Will comes back tonight and I can.not.wait!!! I was use to being in a LDR for such a long time, but now that we are living together, two days felt like a lifetime apart. I plan on lounging at the pool and then hitting up Trader Joe's later today so that I can make something yummy for a welcome back dinner for Will and I to enjoy. So in the meantime, please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me on this potential job opportunity and enjoy the rest of your dayyyy!

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