July 26, 2013

5 on Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

I am so so so excited that the weekend is finally in arms reach. Not that this week was bad or anything, but I am ready to spend some much needed time with family! But before I run some errands and prepare for this weekend, I wanted to link-up with the ladies behind 5 on Friday!

ONE- Netflix. I forgot how little there was to watch on TV during the day...or maybe I am just picky.  Since I'm still looking for a new job here in Charlotte, I find myself trying to relax at home with NOTHING to entertain me! That's when I remembered that Will's dad has a Netflix account and boy have I been taking full advantage of it! I have been able to catch up on old favorite TV shows like Gilmore Girls, and watch movies galore.
TWO- This weeks weather. All last week Charlotte was faced with multiple rain storms (per day), along with humidity that FORCED me to wear my hair naturally curly. THIS week however, the weather has seemed to cooperate and has allowed me to get in a few pool days and afternoons spent reading a book or relaxing on the porch with Miller! :)

THREE- Acura TL. Will and I spent last weekend car shopping and with much prayer and getting advice from family members, Will has decided on purchasing a new Acura TL! Let me just say for all those who don't know Will, he doesn't show much emotion when he gets excited. Butttttt when it comes to talking about this car, he lights up like a kid in a candy store! It's so cute! I am so excited for him and can't wait to pick up this newby early next week!

FOUR- Cold Tangerines. I l-o-v-e to read. And I love when people make recommendations to read certain books. That's how I came to find out about Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist. I ordered this book from Amazon on Monday, got it on Wednesday, and I am already on section two; eggs and baskets. Anyone looking for a great read on extraordinary moments hidden in your everyday life; then this is the book for you! If you have read Cold Tangerines, you might also like Bread & Wine, also written by Shauna. This book will be next on my to-read list for sure!
FIVE- Mint Museum Randolph. The Mint Museum Randolph opened its doors way back in 1936 in Charlotte's Eastover neighborhood and was the state's first art museum. Not only can I walk from the condo to this museum, but they also allow you to bring your pets and let them off leash to run and play on the endless acres of land that surrounds them, which also makes for a beautiful park setting.

That's all for today and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend :)


  1. Too funny, my family and I are here in Charlotte visiting- and the rain is not fun! I've been wanting to get Bread & Wine for a long time! I've got to find a bookstore. Loveyour blog!

  2. Kelsea! Thanks so much for the comment! I love Shauna Niequist, she is such a great author! I hope you had a great visit in Charlotte and safe travels :) I checked out your blog to and it's precious! I will be adding you to my daily reads!!


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