July 25, 2013

Welcome to Eastover Glen!

Since 2007, I have moved a total of four 1/2 times (not including the two years I lived on-campus at Peace). I think it's safe to say that I have had my fair share of moving and packing/unpacking. But for some reason, this most recent move to Charlotte has been one that has taken much longer then any other move I've made in the past. Maybe it's because I have accumulated more "stuff" over the years, but I think the main reason is because Will and I have decided to settle into THIS condo for a few years...which means, I have the time and ability to really make it ours...and with that comes the endless ideas I have for decorating. I've never really had that option in the past because as soon as I would paint the walls and make things feel like a home, the lease would be over and on to the next place I would go. But because Will and I are calling Eastover Glen ours for a few years, I want to take the time to really showcase who we are through decor :)

So without further hesitation, I want to share a few photos of our new condo with you all! Will and I have invested much of our time into picking out the furniture and are starting to see everything come together (slowly but surly)! Over the next few weeks, check back for more pictures of the other rooms as we gradually get more decorating done!
View of the Living Room from the front door (plus Miller)
Entryway coat closet

Even though the kitchen is tiny...I do love the archways!

Semi-empty fridge

We plan on adding a wall wine rack on one of the wall's behind the dining table
2nd bedroom shared with Will's home office
Still looking for a painting to hang above the bed...


  1. Your condo is adorable!!! The archways are so pretty!



  2. Christine! Be sure to check back in about week for more photos of my condo :) I'll be doing some more decorating this week finally! Also, I LOVE your blog and your 101 in 1001 section!


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