November 13, 2013

5 Current Obsessions

Have you ever said to yourself "I don't see what all the rants and raves are about that sweater or those shoes"? Well I have caught myself saying that a lot and just had to give in to a few items that I have seen my friends sporting around lately. And boy was I wrong about not wanting to purchases these items sooner! Below are a few of my recent finds that I just have to rave about, because well, they are the best.

Kodi Ankle Boot from Target

1. These boots are the perfect shoe for this time of year and oh so chic. At first I thought they looked like just another typical boot but they are far from it! They look great paired with leggings, skinny jeans or even a dress! They also have a full length zipper on that back which makes them easy to put on and take off. And who doesn't love a pair of shoes on sale? Alyssa and I were lucky enough to get them this past weekend when they were on sale for $28.00! I am even wearing them as we speak and couldn't be happier with the way they fit and feel on my feet.
Honeycomb-Knit Sweater from Old Navy
2. I am in love with this sweater and am not lying when I say that I have worn it more then a handful of times since I purchased it about two weeks ago. The color above is called Peppermint Green and was just what I was looking for; a must have for my closet. When I got this sweater, I got it a size larger so that I could pair it with leggings or skinnies if my heart desired. In the picture below you can see how comfy and cozy it is when I wore it to dinner with my sweet friend Zelle! No matter what color you get in this sweater (there are about seven options), it will be sure to provide you with a simple and classic look that will literally go with anything that you own!
The Rockstar Cords from Old Navy
3. I have to give props to Old Navy for yet another awesome find. I have had the hardest time in the past trying to find a pair of corduroy's that I like and when I tried these on, that was it. I had to have them. These cords are also slim at the bottom which makes them 10x more perfect! I may be making another trip back to Old Navy soon to pick up another pair in a different color...sorry, I'm not sorry.
Shimmer Down Coat from Lands' End
4. For those of you who get cold easily like me, then this coat is for you. I purchased a coat similar to this one from Land's End last year and couldn't survive the winter weather without it! It is the perfect length (hits just above the knee), and provides just enough warmth against the cold air/wind with its down fill. The hood is also a snap off and the pockets are lined with soft fleece to keep your fingers toasty! What's not to love? And even better...Lands' End has extended their Friends and Family sale for one day! Use promo code FRIENDLY and Pin 3055 at checkout and save yourself some money!
Ribbed Tights from J.CREW
5. A girl can never have to many pairs of tights or leggings and these tights from J.CREW are a must. The ribbing texture and wool blend make for a perfect tight that looks great with skirts and dresses. And this pair isn't to thick, and the price is spot on. 

I hope you gals enjoyed finding out some of my current obsessions! There are TONS more that I have, but these are the ones that I feel are a must for every girls winter wardrobe. If there are other items that you just had to have for this season, please share! I'd love to find out what pieces you are obsessed with :) 


  1. love love love those booties! I might have to head over to Target this afternoon...

  2. I'm loving all of these items...especially the boots! :) We should do a collaboration post soon!



  3. Love the booties! I have the brown pair and love them! I didn't realize they had a black pair so I may be making a trip to Target!

  4. Such good finds! I love those booties!

  5. I am obsessed with fleeced lined leggings from Flourish Boutique! I am a Florida girl, so I need a little extra to protect me from the cold! Those booties are ah-mazing, I need to go to Target and try them on.

  6. That mint sweatshirt is adorable. Thanks for sharing your finds :)

  7. I love that sweater! Great finds ;)

  8. I do love those boots! Target's shoes are always so uncomfortable to me! I wish they fit better because they make some cute ones!

  9. Such cute boots! And I love that mint green sweater!

  10. Yes to the Target booties... aren't they amazing?!?

  11. I looove those boots! And you really can't beat Target's prices! Thanks for the heads up!

  12. That honeycomb sweat looks comfy! LOVE the color.

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

  13. I really need to get a pair of ankle boots! Might have to run to Target and try those out!

  14. I was SO close to buying that sweater at Old Navy, and now I'm super sad I didn't. Looks even comfier in that pic!


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