November 5, 2013

The Growing Bucket List

Photo credit goes to Alex over at Alex The Girl
A bucket list. Things to do before you die. Things to accomplish by X date. Challenges to cross off a list. Tasks you never thought you would successfully complete. A smile appears on my face when I take a peek at my bucket list. I see it constantly growing, and I am continually coming across things I want to add to the list that will challenge me, and at times, take me outside of my comfort zone. I don't have a set time frame for when I want to have everything checked off my list, but it does give me great joy and feelings of excitement and happiness when I get to cross off item after item of things I have done recently. So what is on my bucket list you might ask? Well, I recently added a few things to the list and thought it would be fun to share what all I have to look forward to doing and have successfully completed thus far! I would love to also hear what things are on YOUR bucket list and what all you have accomplished as well :)

But before sharing my bucket list with you, I wanted to take a quick minute to introduce you to Zelle over at A Southern Style! I had been following her blog for quite some time and was able to meet Zelle in person at the October Charlotte Social that you can read about here and instantly clicked and became friends (don't you love when that happens?)! Last night we went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner and chatted for hours about everything from blogging, to friends, to our living situations, jobs and fashion. She is just as sweet as she appears to be on her blog, if not more! I already adore this girl and can't wait to hang out with her more often. Oh and did I mention that she has her own Etsy jewelry shop? Be sure to check it out and give her some love.
Without further bucket list!

1. Pick berries or fruit on a farm
2. Go to an outdoor concert
3. Go on a picnic
4. Host a summer cookout
5. Float down a river
6. Road trip to Charleston, SC
7. Compile family recipes into a cookbook (SEMI-COMPLETED)
8. Learn how to sew
9. Adopt a dog
10. Complete Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University
11. Start a blog
12. Shop in New York City
13. Attend a food festival
14. Upgrade to a DSLR camera
15. Study abroad (Greece)
16. Take a cooking class
17. Attend a wine tasting
18. Fly first class
19. Meet a blogger friend in real life
20. Purchase a real painting (Thanks to the Starving Artist!)
21. Invest in blog business cards
22. Throw a dinner party
23. Try acupuncture
24. Attend a blogging conference
25. Take a ballroom dance class with Will
26. Find my best beauty routine
27. Invest in a few basic cookbooks
28. Take my dad to see a Green Bay Packers game in Green Bay
29. Revitalize five old pieces of furniture
30. Find my go-to signature scent
31. Find a skincare regimen that works for me and stick with it
32. Go zip lining
33. Run a 5k
34. Creatively display scripture throughout my home
35. Read the bible chronologically
36. Learn to french braid
37. Get a professional blowout at a DryBar/Blo


  1. 1) y'all went to my favey place (we acutally got mellow before i headed back to wilmy on sunday night)
    2) next time i'm crashing y'alls date, faveys!!! :)
    3) amen on the learning how to french braid. and upgrade the camera. ME TOO girl! ;)

    hugging you!!! have fun at LG tonight!!!!! :)

  2. We'll have to do number 37 -- a DryBar date!

  3. This is great!!! I love the "purchase a real painting" one!

  4. I've been dying to try out Blo. Totally willing to help you knock that one off your list!

  5. great list : ) i just got a DSLR and am so in love. the picture quality is amazing!

  6. We are asking your help guys if you could also share your bucket list at Every answers of you are big help to us as we create a book about adventure living.


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