November 20, 2013

Wildcard Wednesday

It's Wednesday, you guys! We have made it halfway through the work week and I hope you are feeling accomplished! Today I am participating in the Wildcard Wednesday link-up and thought I would share some random things that I am loving and thankful for this week :) So sit back, sip on something warm and enjoy today's post...
(CHERISH EVERY MOMENT & EVERY PERSON IN YOUR LIFE) There is something  so lovely and oh so special about handwritten recipes and notes from family members. My Grandma was one of the best cooks that I have ever met. She made homemade everything. Some of the things I will never forget where the pumpkin pies should would make me for my birthdays and the spaghetti that I can still taste when I close my eyes and think about it. I don't know if her food was just that good because it was made with love by her, or if she really did have a special way of making things that I to this day can never recreate! Either way, this past weekend I came across a binder full of my dear Grandma's recipes. Some of them handwritten like the one above, others typed up with drips of butter and frosting dried to the pages.I wish she was still here so that she could teach me her ways. 

I wish when I was younger I showed more appreciation for her cooking and all the love that she poured out onto our family. She was the best. The only Grandma I ever had. And I cherish what I have left of her, these handwritten recipes of some of her favorite things! In a previous post I talked about a website that I came across called Blurb. I have started to use it in hopes to one day have typed up all of my Grandma's recipes into a book that I can give to my Momma and Aunt Betty. I know it is something they would truly cherish and can't wait for the day when I can look at the final product and smile knowing that my Grandma would be proud :)
(APPRECIATE RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS) On Monday, I was greeted with the below little gift from one of our sweet vendor's! Inside was just what I needed for a busy afternoon; Starbucks coffee, English Butter Toffee and Milk Chocolate Almonds from Maple Ridge Farm! I couldn't not have a few pieces before heading home for the day and boy is that toffee some kind of yummy!
(TREAT YOURSELF EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE) I want the below Limited Edition Golden Monogram Mug from Anthropologie so bad I can't take it! Over the weekend, I went by the store at SouthPark but they hadn't received the whole shipment yet so I plan on going back at the end of this week to see if they have one with an 'M' on it! Aren't they adorable? And for only $10, they are a must!
(ENJOY LIFE & LIVE FOR TODAY)Yesterday after work, our LifeGroup had a social night at The Wine Loft and I was very much excited because I was in need of a night that consisted of girl talk and a few glasses of wine :) We had so much fun just chatting away and I must say, I will defiantly be coming back to this little place. The Wine Loft is a quaint, and cozy upscale Wine Bar that offers over 40 different kinds of wine by the glass and over 100 by the about choices! Got a hungry stomach? No need to worry because they also have appetizers and desserts that go perfect with your wine. This place met all of my "standards" and more and I think it's the perfect spot to go to with a group of friends or before a romantic dinner with you significant other.


  1. Yes girl! LOVE, love that mug & love your heart even more friend! Happy Wednesday!

  2. That's so awesome you found your grandma's recipes! I love those Anthro mugs! I have an initial one Anthro from a few years ago but I think it's time for a new addition!

  3. Loving that Anthro mug-- I went to South Park to look for it too but couldn't find it yet! Let me know if you find it!

  4. Hey Melissa, I'm new to your blog and I'm so excited to follow along and read more from you!
    I love your blog header too!

  5. LOVE that you have handwritten recipes from your grandmother. So sweet!


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