February 28, 2014

5 on Friday

Happy Friday, friends! Another week has come and gone and I can't believe March will be here in a few days! Time flies when your keeping busy! I know I personally say that a lot, but I believe it to be true. Don't you? Even though I might be busy, I always make time each week to participate in Five on Friday. So let's get right down too it!

Last night was The Charlotte Social's February meet-up at Heist Brewery! Even though it wasn't the biggest turnout we have had, it was a lot of fun getting to see old and new faces. I can't express this enough but if you are in the Charlotte or surrounding area, you should really look into joining this group. It's a great way to make new friends, talk all things blogging and social media and who doesn't enjoy getting to go to new places!?

On the topic of going places, who doesn't love to travel? I tell myself (and Will) all the time that we need to travel more. There are so many places on our list of "to explore", and when I came across bloggers Stripes & Sequins and Design*Sponge's city guides, I was eager to check them out. Stripes & Sequins focused on all things NYC and Design*Sponge had a list of places all throughout the United States. Instead of Googling places to go, or things to do, I would highly recommend checking these out as a first alternative!


Fact. I love giving people presents and surprising them. But when it comes to waiting to give a present to someone at the appropriate time (such as their birthday)...I struggle! For example, Will mentioned awhile back that he wanted a new coffee maker because the amount of coffee he made while he was in law school likely took away from it's brewing mojo. So of course I went out and purchased Will an upgrade right away, wrapped it up and stored it on a shelf in my closet. Well, last night I was making Will coffee and Will mentioned that he needed to buy a new coffee maker and that's when an alarm went off in my head and I just couldn't wait any longer to give him his birthday present (his birthday isn't until the end of March)! He had not a clue what I had got him, but gladly stopped what he was doing to sit down and see what it was. Ta-da! A new coffee maker!

Long story short, I don't know what I am going to do when I have kids one day when I buy them presents for holidays like their birthday and Christmas...how do you WAIT to give presents?! Am I the only one with this struggle?! 

Is anyone else excited about seeing these two movies? I love a good love story and anything based on a true story so these two are right up my alley!


  1. OMG thank you so much for the bloggers you posted, I'm planning a road trip to NY and this has totally helped me.

  2. definitely going to check out those city guides right now!

    and i actually really want to see monuments men too, i absolutely LOVE true story movies! it always makes them so much better in my mind because i know it's not just some fanciful story someone came up with.

    and i struggle with not spilling the beans on gifts as well but i am usually able to make it all the way through. it is hard though because i just want to shout it from the rooftops when i get someone an amazing gift haha!

    have a great weekend pretty!

    xo mk

  3. I hate I missed last night's meet up but sounds like y'all had a good time anyway!

  4. We love our Keurig ... I have had mine since probably 2006 or 2007 and it works great -- definitely gets daily use :)

    I hate I missed the meet-up but hope to catch the next one!

  5. I am the same way about presents! I love giving them so much :) And I so wish Spyros and I lived in my hometown of Charlotte so I can join the Charlotte Social with all of you lovely blogger gals! Sigh. Maybe one day !!! Happy Weekend, sweets! Xx.

  6. I suffer from the same gift giving problem! I get so excited, I can never wait!

  7. I so wish we had a meet up here in Bluffton! It looks like it was a blast! In regards to # 4, I completely understand! For Valentine's I couldn't contain my excitement and ended up telling my husband at least 2 parts of his 4 part gift. I think it's grounded in the fear that he will open it too early (he was known to open christmas presents, remove the toy, and rewrap the empty box). I just want to see his face when he opens it! Have a lovely weekend!

    Caitlin C


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