February 19, 2014

How Pinteresting!

After reading A Preppy State of Mind this morning, I was inspired to do a blog post dedicated to my favorite Pinterest pin's (thanks Rachel)! If you are ever in need of some inspiration, Pinterest is your one-stop-shop that you must check out. From recipes, interior decorating, fashion too DIY tutorials, you can find it all here. Check out my boards to see for yourself.

P.S. I'm so excited to be taking over The Blog Baton tomorrow so go make sure you are following me (@mscheek) and The Blog Baton (@TheBlogBaton) on Instagram so you can see what my daily shenanigans include! NOW...without further ado, here are my favorite pins :)

I am loving the versatility of this top. The lace sleeves add a romantic feel, and can be easily paired with skinny jeans for a casual look, or dressed up with a skirt and heels for a night out. 
And how perfect is that blue and black color combo?

I tend to take my earrings and rings off randomly throughout the day so these precious little macron trinkets would defiantly be put to use. I'd probably stash them at work and in every room at home! 
Mason jars and flowers have stolen my heart! I am so ready for spring to arrive so I can have my windows open at home, and flowers all around the house.
This room is calling my name. I can totally see myself waking up in this cozy room, with the natural light coming through the windows while I sip on some coffee, reading my devotional and watching GMA. Oh how I wish I was laying in bed right.about.now...
Whew-wee! If only I could snap my fingers and have this beautiful dish on my desk by lunchtime for me to enjoy. The combination of Broccoli, Chicken and Mac and Cheese looks delicious.

Ha! If only I did this at home...but the creativity of this idea is so smart!


  1. Oh my goodness, we are so on the same page today! You should see what my post is about ;) I love everything about this. And I might have to give that recipe a try! We really need to get together soon!

  2. That mac and cheese looks delicious! And I definitely need to get one of those macaroon trinkets - it would be perfect for holding jewelry on the go!

  3. Amazing! I love Pinterest but have taken a break from visiting daily because I always fall in love with the outfits and end up online shopping! haha, these are all great pins though! Now I'm hungry! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Ah, I just wanted to crawl into that bed, and those flowers in the mason jar, so perfect! Following on Pinterest!

  5. Can't wait to be following you on Pinterest now! Love it, girl! Xx.

  6. Such a fun post and of course who doesn't love pinterest!!! I'm excited for you to hold the blog baton tomorrow and cannot wait to follow along :-)

  7. I love this! And you know how much I love my dear old Pinterest. You've inspired me to have a Pinterest post this week too-stay tuned!

  8. LOVE that bedroom! So my style!

  9. I love that toilet graphic. I need that for the toilets in my house. HAHAHHAAHHAHA Subtle but effective. I'm SURE.


    Danielle Faith @ DanielleFaith.me


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