April 11, 2014

5 on Friday

Boy did this week fly by! I hope everyone is ready to get off work so you can enjoy the weekend :) The weather is suppose to be nice and warm and I'm hoping that's true so I can take the pup to the park on Sunday! Do any of y'all have plans this weekend? Will and I were going to go on a winery tour at the Old North State Winery in Mt. Airy but his allergies have been acting up really bad and he has to travel for work on Monday, so we decided that it would be best to hold off on another weekend spent in the car and to just take it easy here in Charlotte :) I'll probably pick up a bottle for us to enjoy on Saturday night thought so it's a win-win, right?! But no Friday is complete without doing my 5 on Friday! Enjoy your weekend, friends and I'll see y'all again next week.


I am hardcore lusting over these gold slate coasters from the ReneeRedesigns Etsy Shop. I can just picture a mason jar filled with iced sweet tea perched right on top of one of these gold beauties. Anyone want to surprise me with these? Please?
Joyce Meyer. Anytime I give someone advice or send a friend some inspiration, it's likely I got it from her. She's an intelligent Christian lady, who I understand. She is real and speaks in a way that makes me want to grow deeper in my faith and be challenged. Last week in one of her daily devotionals, she said "Spiritual stability and emotional maturity don't come naturally. You must desire it with all your heart and be determined to get it. When you make emotional stability a priority, God is more then willing to help you manage your emotions". Can I get an AMEN?
Do you follow Stephanie of The Lipstick Gospel because you should. Have you heard about the Atlanta Writer's weekend coming up in May? No? Well there's still time! Will surprised me and bought me a ticket to go for our four year dating anniversary and this will be my FIRST blog conference/retreat and I couldn't be more excited to go!

Activated Charcoal. I had never heard of it before until I saw someone post an image of it on Instagram. So of course I was curious and did some research and found out that there are a handful of benefits to using it. From being used to whiten teeth, clear acne, help digestive issues, too helping heal spider bites, treating food poisoning and even accidental poisoning, it seems to do it all. Has anyone ever tried it and does it really work? I want to hear from YOU before I go out and try this stuff...I'm a little scared-y cat :)


A few months ago I decided to cancel my Birchbox subscription. I had it for a year and for the most part really enjoyed it. I loved coming home to a little fun surprise in the mail and getting to try new products was a plus. But after awhile, I started to get the same things over and over again and the products just weren't worth my money. Lately I have been hearing a lot of buzz about Stitch Fix and decided to jump the gun and sign up! I'll be getting my first box in May and am curious to see what I'll think of this subscription. Be on the lookout for a review next month!
I know that it's normally "5 on Friday" but I can't help it that I am obsessing over pastels and floral pieces and these outfits caught my eye when I was browsing through Pinterest late Tuesday night. I couldn't not share them with y'all because well, look at how adorable they all are! I mean seriously, could those shorts be anymore perfect? Pastels and floral prints always seem to make me happy and are so fun to wear.

We Took the Road Less Traveled
Style Elixir


  1. Those gold coasters are PERFECT - I must add them to my bar! Loving all of your spring florals and pastels as well...so excited to finally break out my spring wardrobe!

  2. love your outfit picks. keep me updated about the charcoal. seriously!

  3. i wanna try that charcoal--i use it in facial masks for my friends with oily skin, but have never ingested it.

  4. Those gold coasters -- fab! And the spring picks -- fab! Hope you have the very best Friday and a perfect weekend!

  5. I am loving Stitchfix! I get my 4th box next month and have been so pleased with every box! :) You will love it!

  6. That pastel dress is gorgeous!! And Stitch Fix looks amazing... Can't wait to see what comes!!


  7. I LOVE that first dress! SO preferct for spring!

  8. I can't wait to hear what you think about Stitch Fix!

  9. obsessed with those coasters girl!!! xx.

  10. Love those floral shorts! As for the activated charcoal - I also have never heard of that and would be a little chicken to try it myself :)


  11. Oh I love that pastel colored dress!! How fun that you're going to a blogging conference!! Hope you have a great weekend!


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