April 25, 2014

5 on Friday

Happy Friday, everyone!! Last night Will and I went to a Charlotte Knights baseball game with his Company at the new BB&T Ballpark and we had a BALL! Get it? From the $3 domestic drafts (insert Thirsty Thursday) that Will thoroughly enjoyed, to the views of the Skyline and the weather that was a perfect 72 degrees, I couldn't have asked for a better way to end the day.
Without further ado, it's time for 5 on Friday! I hope you enjoy my post and hope you have a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to catch up next week!

A blonde that is. My roots are starting to show and give it a couple more weeks and I'll be making an appointment to get my hair done and have been thinking a lot recently about going back brown. Yes? No? What do you think? I love being blonde but that means keeping up with it, which means more money I've gotta spend and right now I just don't want to have to manage that...but what looks better? I really can't decide!

Lightest Blonde Hair

Lighter Brown Hair
Natural Hair Color
Imagine two precious old ladies, who don't know each other, and have never flown on a plane. Have that image painted in your head? Okay good. Now get this...A company called Vondafone First connects people with technology to empower them to do amazing things for the first time. So take that information and watch this video that will not only make you laugh but will make you smile and above all, make your day!

One of my best friends Caitlin who blogs over at Southern Curls & Pearls recently did a post on her workout routine and it was to good not to share! When it comes to being motivated, Caitlin helps me in more ways then she knows. Every week, we try to get together to not only catch up, but go walking (when the weather permits) and enjoy homemade healthy smoothies together; a new Monday night tradition of ours. It certainly is true...when you have someone who is able to hold you accountable and root for you along the way, you are more likely to stick with a new, more then you would if doing it all on your own. So if your in need of some workout motivation, go check out Caitlin's blog post to see what she does that is so fun and easy to stick with!
Thanks to Carly over at The College Prepster for introducing me to a new movie I can't wait to watch called Phoebe in Wonderland. Carly did a post over a week ago on her favorite movies and I must say that she has extraordinary taste! Among her list were also Crazy, Stupid, Love and Mona Lisa Smile which both happen to be two of my all time favorites. What are some of your go-to movies to watch? I'd love to add more to my list of one's to see if you have any suggestions!
Elle Fanning - Cover - Phoebe In Wonderland
Have a backyard like this, in my sight. I mean, it's pretty perfect to me. I can totally see myself spending many afternoon and nights curled up on one of those cozy chairs with a glass of wine and a good book in hand. Until then, I'll just be dreaming about this...


  1. The weather was awesome for the Knights game last night! We decided at the last minute to go and I'm so glad we did. Have a great weekend!

  2. Love that photo from the game... can't wait to be in town for one! And I'll make a note to go on a Thursday if possible :)

  3. i am always partial to blonde but i know it can be so much work to keep up!! i swear it only looks perfect for like two weeks and then i feel like i need to be touched up again.

    lucky for you, your natural hair is beautiful! mine looks horrendous and totally washes me out but yours matches your skin tone great! so i definitely think you could go back to your natural color, so much cheaper and just as pretty!

    love you! xoxo

  4. I love the blonde look- probably because my hair is so dark and could never pull it off haha!! Those backyards are heavenly - and that fire pit - yes please!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Ah I was at the game last night too! Thirsty Thursday prices definitely beat their regular $7.50/beer price! And you're so lucky - you can pull off all of those colors, I envy you! I'd have to say my favorite is the light brown! Even though with summer coming up, blonde is fun! Have a great weekend :)

  6. I would love to go to a game!!

  7. Happy Friday, sweet friend! Stephen went to the game last night -- he said it was a blast! Loving your blonde hair, but you're gorgeous as a brunette!

  8. I love green smoothies- and your hair!! you look amazing in any color lol

    1. Girl you are too sweet! Green smoothies are my world right now :) Gotta get ready for swimsuit season! Love your blog girl! Oh and I couldn't respond to your message because you are a No Reply Blogger! Visit this blog post I did so you can get that fixed! http://simplysweetmelissa.blogspot.com/2013/12/no-reply-bloggers.html

  9. OMG our backyards are obviously going to look the same one day! What a dreamy setting!!

    Jenna from Visions of Vogue

    1. Great minds think alike! And if your backyard is like that before mine please invite me over so I can enjoy it with ya! Ha :) Love your blog and your precious style girl! Thanks for leaving a comment and did you know you are a No Reply Blogger? Fix that so I can message you back next time! I did a blog post on how to fix that (see link) <3 http://simplysweetmelissa.blogspot.com/2013/12/no-reply-bloggers.html

  10. I'm partial to blonde, but know how much maintenance/money it costs to keep up! I hate feeling like a slave to the salon every 8-10 weeks. I've tried going to my natural color a couple of times and always end up going back blonde though. Have you tried purple shampoo? I use Matrix brand and find that it helps the blonde shine longer even when roots are grown out! Either way, you will look fab!


  11. I like your natural color, or the lighter brunette. My hair is natural, and while there are summer days I would love to add blonder highlights, knowing the upkeep ((I used to dye it brunette)) was not worth it to me! Also, I would hangout all evening with you on a porch like that! Dreamy.


  12. I'm so jealous of how good you look blonde or brunette! And I'm totally swooning out those outdoor spaces, too!


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