April 14, 2014

Weekend Recap

Wasn't this weekend wonderful y'all? The weather was a perfect 72 degrees for the most part, and Will and I were able to spend lots of quality time together too. We had originally planned on going on a winery tour in Mount Pleasant, but due to Will's allergies acting up, we decided to stay in the Queen City with alternative plans in mind! Friday night was laid back. We enjoyed delicious burgers out on the patio of Bad Daddy's Burger Bar, walked around the Dilworth area because the weather was too good not to enjoy, and then headed back home and watched Game of Thrones before calling it a night. Have any of y'all gotten into Game of Thrones? I didn't think I ever would but I can't lie about the fact that it's pretty addicting.

Saturday we started our day with breakfast at Tupelo Honey Cafe. If you have a THC where you live, you MUST check it out! I swear they have some of the best biscuits that come served with honey and blueberry jam. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. If that doesn't sound darn good, wait until I tell you about their famous Sweet Potato Pancakes. Imagine a large buttermilk pancake being placed in front of you that is flavored with cinnamon and sweet potatoes, topped with whipped peach butter and spiced pecans. Yeah...I told you so! Will swears by the Country Breakfast but I'll let you check out the menu to see what that one entails :)
After devouring a wonderful southern meal, it was time for us to knock out a handful of errands which consisted of checking out a jewelry store, stopping by Brooks Brothers to get a suit fitted for Will, running into Orvis to see if any Barbour jackets were on sale and then heading home for a quick cool down before heading back out, again will Miller in tow, for a four mile walk on the Greenway! The weather was perfect remember?!

A busy day calls for another mouth watering meal so it was only appropriate to pull out one of my favorite family recipes to make; broccoli and cheese casserole (thanks for the great idea, Will). I'm thinking of doing a post on how to make it...what do you all think of that? Would you be interested in recreating this dish yourself?
We took our plates outside so we could watch the sun go down and enjoyed each others company with the sounds of birds chirping and bees buzzing in the background. After dinner, we got out our bibles and went through some of the New Testament, learning more about the history, setting and events that took place during that time period. It was challenging and at times hard to understand, but getting to spend those moments reading the Word with Will was something I wish we got to do more often. It's defiantly something we both find very valuable to do together and are striving to do a better job at making it more of a regular routine!

Sunday was spent resting and relaxing...with an hour or two of laundry and cleaning up around the condo. Will got to work from home so it was nice to have him around while I kept myself busy with Miller. The weekend was coming to an end, and I was feeling refreshed, content and ready to take on a new week. The work week is going to be a shorter one; with the office being closed on Friday due to the Easter Holiday, and Will and I heading to Savannah on Thursday for our mini-vacation! I can't wait to get away for a few days, explore and shop and take photos to share with you all when I return. If you have any recommendations of places to go or things to do while in Savannah, please leave me a comment or shoot me an email! I would love to hear from you!


  1. I thought Tupelo Honey was just an Asheville thing. I didn't realize they had them all over! Dying to go there!

  2. Bad Daddy's...my fave. Best sweet potato fries. And the Cantina burger is my jam. ;)

  3. Please do share your casserole recipe!! Sounds like you had a perfect weekend! Happy Monday!

  4. Take tons of pics in GA, I'm dying to go.

  5. Sounds like such a pleasant weekend! Your breakfast sounds to die for...I wish we had that place here in the midwest!

  6. That cafe looks sooo yummy! I'm so glad you had a good weekend! :)

  7. don't you just love when it is nice out and you can do everything outside?!

    glad you had such a fun and relaxing weekend!

    xo mk

  8. We are getting a Tupelo Honey in Raleigh soon and I can't wait to try it!


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