August 2, 2013

5 on Friday

ONE- Family. I think it's an understatement for me to say that my family means everything to me! They truly are what get me through each and everyday! Last weekend I took a spontaneous and very last minute trip to Greensboro to visit my Mom, Dad and Uncle and what fun I had! Of course there were a few things I needed to get done while visiting my hometown, like get my eyebrows wax, go to Ulta, and drop off dry cleaning, but other then that, I got some MUCH needed R&R! I also love going home and playing with sweet Peanut and Coco; my Mom and Dad's veryyyy old but precious pups! But this weekend is going to be yet another great weekend as well :) Will's Dad and Step-Mom Cindy are coming to stay with us for the weekend and since Will's Step-Sister Ariel lives in Charlotte, we all plan to get together and possibly even go the Whitewater Center!

Cindy and Jeff

TWO- Will's NEW CAR.Will had been looking at getting a new car for quite some time now, and he finally made it happen this week! We narrowed down the choices between an Acura TL and a Infiniti, and decided that we loved the Acura TL more. It had the main amenities like leather seats (black), Bluetooth, four doors, and a sunroof (my preference) that we both wanted...and was just the perfect car for Will to have!! Will is one who doesn't show much emotion, but after signing all the paperwork and actually seeing him driving off in his new car heading back to work, I could just tell he was SO happy and satisfied with his big purchase. It pleases me to see him light up and I can't wait for our first road trip in this beauty.

THREE- I GOT A JOB! It is such a relief to say that I have landed a job with Primary PhysicianCare as their Sales and Marketing Assistant (title may be tweaked a little)! I had spoken with Primary before I made the move to Charlotte, and went through three rounds of interviews and found out on Wednesday that the wanted ME for the position. God is so so SO good, and I can't wait to see what this position has in store for me. AND...the cherry on top is that I even get my own personal office!

FOUR- Tricia Nae Designs. If you haven't worked with this sweet lady, you should! I contacted Tricia a few weeks ago in hopes to work with her on helping me "play up" my blog and design something specifically for me. Not only is Tricia friendly, but her work is AMAZING and also very affordable!! After seeing the final product of what T designed for me, I decided I didn't want to stop the next thing we are going to work on are some Blog Business Cards. I can't wait to see how they turn out. You should all defiantly check out Tricia Nae Designs now or in the future.

FIVE- Houzz. This site has easily turned into one of my favorites! Houzz is a home design site that offers endless photos of decorating, remodeling ideas and inspiration for any room in a home. Any I mean ANY room you can think of. I can easily spend hours just flipping through all of the photos; adding my favorites to my 'idea book' for future reference. Below are some of my recent favorites!

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