August 24, 2013

Fall Favorites!

One thing I can't seem to get enough of are candles! There is something about them that warms my heart...maybe it's the small flickering flame, the scent that transitions throughout the room, or the cute jars they come in. Whatever it is, I love them no matter what the season. But fall candles have to be my all time favorite!!

Even though it's still only August, I have already gone ahead and stocked up on all of my top picked fall candles from Bath and Body Works. Below are just a few of the one's I purchased earlier this week and have already been burning morning and night :)
A warming blend of spiced caramel and nutmeg
A rich, robust blend of roasted coffee beans topped off by creamy vanilla foam
Two favorites; apples and pumpkin - enhanced by notes of cinnamon and clove
A fall harvest favorite inspired by delicious treats found at the local market - pumpkin pie, vanilla cream and spice
A perfect blend of sweetness & spice - fresh picked berries, crushed cloves, cinnamon bark and vanilla cream  
A combination of golden nectar, red apple and spiced berries

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  1. Oh my goodness YUM! I would be tempted to eat all of these they sound so good ;) I love candles during the fall! Also, I'm so so excited that you can come to the Lilly event, can't wait to meet you in person!


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