August 7, 2013

Mid-week Reflections

I started my new job as the Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Primary PhysicianCare (soon to be Healthgram) and I think I'm doing a pretty good job transitioning into things! I love the people I work with, and I even have my own office that I get to "play up" into my own little space!

But the one thing I really want to reflect on today is a prayer I came across that spoke directly to my heart and emotions today. Later this week or weekend I will jump backwards and talk more about my new job and all the new things that are coming my way :)

So enjoy this prayer that I came across and take the time to dwell on the words that you read...they are powerful and showcase God's great care and support for us.

"Dear God, I thank You that You make all things new. I pray that today You will make me and my attitude new. Help me to get rid of any mind-set that would keep me from becoming more like You and receiving the blessings You have for me. Make me more and more into the image of Christ".

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