October 8, 2013

World Wide Web

Oh how I love the internet and all of it's wonderfulness. Lately I have been trying to do a better job at separating myself from social media and online shopping and spending more time doing other things such as reading, playing with Miller, working out, and spending time taking care of things around the condo. But isn't it funny that as I tell myself and plan to spend LESS time online, I come across some awesome websites? I just had to share them with you and hope you enjoy them as much as I have recently  :)

1. If you are someone who loves home decor, reasonably priced furniture, or endless pages of beautiful things then you should hop on over to Home Decorators Collection. I mean, this website has it all. No joke. And I am in love. HDC makes me excited to decorate because you literally can spruce up every room in your house from this website. AND, to top it off, they also have an Online Outlet, which offers cheaper items for those who want an extra good deal with a cheaper price tag. One of my favorite items from HDC that I plan on purchasing are a set of monogram drinking jars (see photo below)!

Monogram Drinking Jars - Set of 4

2. I have been obsessed with monograms since high school. There is something about them that screams out for my attention. If I am asked what I think is a timeless look, I always say pearls and monograms hands down. And that's one thing I think a lot of us bloggers have in common; a love for a nice monogram. So this is my cue to introduce you to another favorite site of mine called Three Hip Chicks. Three Hip Chicks brings you "preppy style for the modern girl" and offers more then a handful of beautiful jewelry, cell phone cases, home decor and office items all of which can (drum roll please) be MONOGRAMMED! In addition, the prices are reasonable, the choices are endless, and this Company is family based...meaning it is ran by a mother and two daughters. Learn more about how these three ladies started Three Hip Chicks here.
Ikat Monogram Laptop Sleeve

3. And last but not least...and probably my favorite jewelry site (currently) for necklaces is t&j Designs. This site has classy, funky, and retro pieces that just make me squeal with envy because I know I can't purchase it all like I want! Aside from the fun accessories, if you join the mailing list they will give you 20% off your first order! Now if that doesn't give you a reason to shop right now then I don't know what does. They also have a blog that I would highly recommend checking out!

Happy Tuesday, loves!


  1. YES! i have been obsessing with the monogram metallic pillows since i pinned them on pinterest!!! still haven't made the plunge and purchased...but still swooning!!!


  2. Thank you so much for featuring our products on your amazing blog!

    Three Hip Chicks


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