March 20, 2014

Kendra's Fashion Challenge: Epcot Edition

Planning a vacation (near or far) can be a daunting task. Having to make sure your packed everything can really bring on the stress, especially if your like me and always feel like you are forgetting something. But one thing that never gets in the way of the fun in planning is figuring out all the outfits I plan to wear. So when Kendra Thornton reached out to be to participate in the "Kendra's Fashion Challenge", I jumped on the opportunity right away! I mean...who wouldn't want to play "virtual stylist" for the day?!

Who is Kendra Thornton and what is this challenge all about? Let me give you the 411. Kendra (the blonde in the photo below) is a well known travel expert who regularly appears on ABC, NBC and the CW and has made guest appearances on TV shows such as The Tyra Banks Show and The Nate Show offering travel tips and special deals.

The challenge is focused around her upcoming trip this spring with her hubby and three children to Epcot; Disney's Theme Park in Florida. The task is to put together a wardrobe that will complement Kendra's travel plans, while still allowing her to be fashionable yet functional with a unique twist! My aim is to create a day and evening look that screams Florida "chic". While brainstorming outfit ideas, I did have one goal in mind; to create a look that was both comfortable and put together. The whole point is to have an effortlessly styled look while always being camera ready right? ;)

But before I dive into the looks, I wanted to mention Gogobot, a site that Kendra told me she used to read reviews for planning her trip. I even checked it out and it's quite an impressive site. You should check it out after you finish reading this post!


One thing Kendra told me was that she and her family would be enjoying a few holes of golf and going to the Circle of Life: Nature Needs Our Help show, and with that information I knew that I wanted to base her look around a wildlife theme. Anyone who has been to Florida knows that the sun sure does know how to shine so the first thing I wanted to do was make sure Kendra has the basics: a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. This safari hat is stylish and the perfect size for all day wear, and the Ray-Ban aviators are a classic and timeless piece. The sunscreen comes in a spray and can be conveniently stored away in this adorable oversize tote.

Now that we have our "must haves", it's time to talk about clothing. For Kendra, I decided to keep things simple. In my opinion, a girl can never go wrong with cuffed jean shorts, a cozy white top, paired with flats (animal print duh!) or little booties. It's so easy to put this look together and allows room for you to have fun when selecting your accessories. And just to be safe, I threw in a jacket and infinity scarf in case it gets windy in the afternoon.

Onto the accessories and finishing touches! This is were I tried to pull together the wildlife theme. I mean really...look at how fab that little safari animal bangle, elephant necklace and Lion King ring are! Don't they just scream HAKUNA MATATA?! And because Kendra and her family have places to go and things to see, I couldn't forget to add a watch so she can keep track of the time!
Epot by Day


After a busy and exhausting day, I feel Kendra and her husband deserve some quality time together away from the kids. This calls for a cocktail (or two) date night. For Kendra's evening look, I wanted to come up with something that yelled "Glitz and Glam" and this look does just that. From the sequin embellished top, white jeans, T-strap heels and pretty in pink baubles, Mr. Thornton will be far from complaining. In terms of hair and makeup, I thought that a light perfume, a bright pink lip and a more natural eye color would be most ideal to seal the look. Do you agree?
Cocktails at Night


That's all friends! What did you think of all that I put together? Do you feel that I accomplished the looks I was going for? And a huge thanks to Kendra for giving me the opportunity to participate! I had so much fun being your virtual stylist" for the day!!


  1. thanks for sharing Kendra's challenge, love those looks!!

  2. This is fantastic - I think you nailed it!!

  3. whta a fun challenge! i love the looks you created! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Such a fun idea! That safari look is amazing!

  5. How cool!!! You totally nailed the perfect looks for a vacation like that! Can you plan my looks for my vacation coming up?! I'm going to be laying by the pool and napping, but still want to look cute! Thanks! You're the best!!!


  6. Cute! She reached out to me to style Miami! Happy to have stumbled across your blog :)


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