March 7, 2014

5 on Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! In a few hours I will be making my way to Greensboro to visit my family for the weekend and I'm excited to be back home in the house that I grew up in for a few days. Oh and I'm going to try to make this a social media free weekend so wish me luck! So do y'all remember when I wrote a blog post about Lent earlier this week? If you missed it, don't worry you can catch up on it here. This week I've been trying to think more heavily about what I can give up and what I can take on in regards to the 40 days of Lent. As of today, I have tried to make more of an effort to not watch TV before going to sleep and making sure to take my makeup off every night. For today's post, I've come up with five things that remind me of what I should be doing to celebrate all that God has given up for us. Maybe they will light a little flame in your heart that will shine brighter then before. Maybe you will get some ideas of what YOU can be doing differently. Maybe they won't do anything at all but are fun to check out. Whatever this post does for you, I hope it's at least positive and worthwhile.

This little girl is named Emily James and she has a little heart of gold. Watch what she does and has to say when her parents suggest that she should get her first haircut (at the age of three) and should donate some of it to kids who have cancer. Each and every one of us should have this kind of outlook towards those who are suffering.
Do you judge a book by it's cover? If so then you are like most of us. It's hard not to do it, and I have caught myself a number of times and had to stop what I was doing to remind myself of the reasons why what I was doing was wrong. Perfect example happened yesterday when I was exploring THE EVERYGIRL and saw this article on a lady's Washington DC Apartment tour. Not only was her apartment head-to-toe amazing and totally decorated how I would want it (and very colorful and full of life), but this lady happens to also be a U.S. Army Captain, works at the Pentagon as a Policy Officer and runs a lifestyle and interior design blog called Life with a Dash of Whimsy. I've never seen that kind of career combo but it totally works for her!
Have you gone ahead and entered the giveaway for the spring "package" that a group of my sweet blog friends and I have created for you all to enjoy? I am giving away something so that you can gain something! Pretty sweet right ;) If you haven't entered go do that right now! 
Pentatonix. This group can SING and when they play this song, I melt in my seat it's that good! When the song talks about "saying something", I try to relate that back to my friends and family. When I am upset, I don't always like to say much. And often times, Will and I might get in a fight because neither one of us can read each others minds. So now every time I hear "say something" in this song, that's what I think of! How do you think they did with this song?
Due to some financial issues (please tell me I'm not the only one who has had them) Will and I have decided that going to NYC this April was just not the right choice. Instead, we have decided on an NEW location and I can't wait to share that information with within the next week or two!


  1. Okay, so Emily James is absolutely adorable and Katie seems like such a neat person. I need to go check her blog out!! And as far as financial issues go…I think we all have them at some point. Can't wait to see where you decided to go!

  2. Loved this post! Especially sweet Emily and Katie's powerful story. Excited to hear more about your upcoming trip!

  3. That little girl is so sweet and honestly better than most adults I know!! Hope you have a wonderful time with your family this weekend and can't wait to hear where you guys have decided to go instead!!

  4. this is such a great post! can't wait to hear where you and your man are going--as long as you have each other you'll have the best time :) happy weekend girlfriend! enjoy family time!!

  5. Ah I watched that little girl yesterday and it is honestly one of the sweetest things I've ever seen! And I can't wait to check out Life with a Dash of Whimsy!

  6. That little girl is precious! It's so amazing how children can be so selfless & not realize it. Those parents are doing something right that's for sure!

  7. Pentatonix is my jam. I love their talent and really do get so inspired by their music!! xoxo

  8. So excited to be participating in the giveaway with you! Also I loved that Everyday Girl article, thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend.

  9. Pentatonix has the best version of "Little Drummer Boy" that I had ever heard! Love them!


  10. A couple of my friends saw pentatonix in concert and said they were amazing!!
    And I nominated you for the liebster blog award if you're interested -


  11. Oh wow, I love number two. I am now obsessed with her site.Thanks for sharing!


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