March 12, 2014

Charleston On My Mind (Guest Post)

Today I am taking over my dear friend Mary Katherine's blog while she is enjoying the ever so beautiful Italy with her hubby! MK is one of my favorite bloggers AND blogging friends for a number of reasons. Not only is she super sweet, but she has great style (check out some of my favorite outfits she has worn here, here, and here), and is as precious as one could be! I am so jealous excited for all the fun MK is having and I can't wait for her to get back so I can read all about her wonderful trip! So in the meantime, hop on over to her blog to show her some love and read my post on all things Charleston, SC!


  1. So needed this as I'm on my way there today!! :)

  2. Loved this!!! I haven't been in a while, and I need to take a day trip there soon!


  3. I want to visit Charleston so badly! Thanks for the tip on my no reply status...I am kinda confused because I know I have my blogger account not connected to my gmail and I have my email selected to be viewed...and have been able to comment and get replies from other bloggers...Help! I don't really know what I have done wrong but I cannot seem to figure it out if I am still NRB status. :( Happy to have you following me! Love your blog! xoxo


Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment! I will usually respond back to you via email (not here on the blog)...It's easier for me that way and hopefully it sparks a conversation for us! It makes me giddy that you're here and took the time to leave me a comment :)

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