March 24, 2014

Snow Day Wedding!

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Have you ever been to a wedding that was too pretty to put into words? 
That's exactly how the Snow's wedding turned out to be. 
The decor was rustic, romantic and springy all in one. 
The outside ceremony featuring a cross decorated with fresh blooms = perfection. 
And the weather couldn't have been better; sunshine with a slight breeze to keep us all cool.
This past weekend, Will and I packed our bags and headed to Raleigh, NC (where we used to live and call "home") to celebrate Kristen and John on their wedding day! Our trip started off wonderful, when I checked the mail before we pulled out and received a surprise postcard from my sweet blog friend Mary-Katherine from when she and her hubby where in Italy! Ciao Bella!
On our way into Raleigh, we picked up Will's brothers Noah and Cody and then met up with Will's Dad and Stepmother Cindy for lunch at Chilli's! It was such a treat getting to spend some time with them and catching up with one another. Always a blast getting to see them and I think Miller was more excited to get to spend the night with them and hangout with all of his fur-buddies ;) 
After lunch, we made our way into Raleigh and had about an hour to relax and stretch our legs before heading downtown to the wedding that took place at the Merrimon-Wynne House. I don't know how I had never heard of this precious place because it was literally within walking distance to where I went to college! Take a look at their online gallery to see it's beauty and charm. Oh, and how adorable is one of the little greeters with his top hat?! I couldn't stop looking at him he was just to stinkin' cute!
Before we knew it, the ceremony was starting and water started to fill my eyes. 
Yes...I am one of those individuals who can't keep a dry eye at a wedding. EVER. 
Something about the music, seeing the groom waiting for his bride, and then watching the bride being walked down the isle get me every single time!!
After "the kiss" and prayer for dinner we were all dismissed and able to go explore the grounds. 
Like I said before, too pretty to put into words. 
The flowers, candles, gold foil prints and layout of everything was just perfect
There were even mason jars used to hold flowers which was right up my alley!
No time was wasted, and the party got started right away! 
If you know Kristen and John at all, you know what I mean when I say they are truly the life of the party. I can't tell you how much laughing occurred that night because of them. 
Thinking back to their first "entrance", John's break dance and the choreographed garter and flower toss make me smile. Gosh I wish I had captured all of those moments! 
The night continued with a whole lot of dancing (insert fun music), picture taking, and hanging out with old and new friends. Overall, the weekend was a blast and one that I will always remember!


  1. So beautiful!!! Love, love, love me some weddings :) Xx.

  2. So pretty! Loving the lovely spring colors. Looks like y'all had fun!

  3. Such great pictures! Looks like an awesome wedding!

  4. sounds like you had a great time, i am so glad!!

    and seriously you are too cute, i am so glad you liked your postcard!

    love youuuu!

    xo mk

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I'm swooning over the tux and tophat combo! Bless it! xx

  6. It really does look like an amazing wedding! And that top hat is awesome!

  7. so beautiful! I am such a sucker for lovely weddings! I loved the cake and the flowers! swoon!!!

  8. so beautiful!! Sounds like such a fun weekend. Weddings are always the best!

  9. Looks like fab weekend! I loveeee a wedding! Thanks for your help today! xo

  10. Looks like lots of fun!


  11. Oh my goodness! You have to tell me your full opinion of this venue as Josh and I have it on our list of places to visit in May for a possible location of our wedding! :-)

  12. seeing this wedding gets me excited for wedding season and going to a few this summer. haha. you're right now, it was super pretty.

  13. The weather was good, lively and romantic wedding I love this wedding cake, flowers and dance. Really want to have a wedding article. Had bought the dress at this, very good quality and price, to share with you.


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